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Creating a Custom Post Type for Elearning Videos

In my last blog post I mentioned that I wanted to create a custom post type for videos in WordPress here on SelfAssemblySites.

What's a custom post type?

The concept is a lot simpler than it sounds. First some background: WordPress comes with two primary post types* already created for you - blog posts** - aka "Posts" with a capital 'P' - and site pages - aka "Pages" with a capital 'P'.

Custom Post Types are simply other types of content rather than Pages or Posts, that can be displayed on your WordPress website. The type that I want to add is called Video - I want to add this special post type because I want to  include additional meta data like video runtime, a summary of what's in the video, a difficulty level, etc. (more…)

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Video Page Design

Video player is width of main content column

We're at the stage where we're uploading loads of video content that we've produced up to our video content delivery provider (BitsOnTheRun - they rock). One really important thing I've been  working on is the design of the video page template. This is the page that our customers are going to spend most of their time on, viewing training videos, so it's crucial that they are well laid out and are very usable. (more…)

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Video Size Preference

I've been working a lot on the video display page, because that's one of the primary areas where you will interact with SelfAssemblySites content. So I've added a light-box display to the video, it looks good, but more importantly it allows us to deliver video of a different size to the thumbnail on the page, without looking out of place from a design perspective. (more…)

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