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Do You Recognize All The Different Types of Website Content?

Matt Sawyer from Datadial wrote a really super blog post on the different types of content used on websites, particularly in relation to SEO:

A phrase that you often hear being thrown about by SEOs is "content is king", Although this is (arguably) true, I think that in many cases this just leads to commercial webmasters blindly adding low-quality content to their websites for the sake of it without really considering if it is beneficial to them in any way.

It is incredibly important to understand that different kinds of content act in different ways and using different types of content in different areas of your website can drastically influence traffic, sales and conversion rates.

Great post, definitely worth a read. Those involved in e-commerce should check out the Firebox example.

ECommerce Website Content For SEO – What is it and are you wasting your time?

(Thanks to Michael Gray for tipping me off about this post)

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