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Review: Top 3 Facebook Like Button WordPress Plugins

Like (Flickr: owenwbrown)

The WordPress plugins directory yields 443 results when you search for a Facebook Like Button for your website or blog. When there's so many available it's always difficult to know which are good quality, or more to the point, which one best suits your needs. What could be perfect for one user would be completely out of place and of little use to another.

So we're going to examine 3 Facebook Like Button plugins that seemed to come recommended by various other blogs, reports and info around the web, including the ever eminent  Mashable. Very few of these reports or suggestions listed video, so it's hard to get a good idea of how the plugin will look and what are it's features and drawbacks. Hopefully we'll have gone some way to solve that problem.

Click to View the Video, click bottom right button to view full screen, or to the left of that to view on Youtube with Chaptering.

Generating Like Button Code Directly from Facebook


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