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WordPress Gallery Plugin Review: NextGen Gallery & 3 Other Plugins

As of this month - August 2012 - the NextGEN Gallery plugin appears to be the best gallery plugin for WordPress. It has an astonishing 5.5 million downloads and over 2,000 positive ratings. But I wanted to discover if there were drawbacks to this impressive plugin and in what situations would other plugins suit users better. So along with NextGEN Gallery I'll be looking at DM Albums and WP J Query Lightbox plugins.

The other two plugins aren't slackers and boast pretty fine download figures too, with over 90,000 and 180,000 respectively. With a wealth of choice on WordPress for gallery plugin options, this blog post and accompanying video will help you get a clearer idea what's important to you as a WordPress user and so what suits your situation.

With lots of plugins available, it makes it hard to choose. Hopefully this will help!

Click to View the Video, click bottom right button to view full screen, or to the left of that to view on Youtube with Chaptering

Clarification: In this post and video we're going to concentrate on gallery plugins that showcase photographs and images. There are a wealth of other plugins which have some overlap, but do slightly or very different functions. For example Thumbnails for Excerpts displays thumbnails of your actual posts to entice people to click on them, similar to WordPress Content Slide which creates fading image slide shows, again of your content. Or Awesome Flickr Gallery which displays your photos on flickr in gallery form on your WordPress site. But for this review we'll exclude those and keep the brief tight, and concentrate on plugins that simply display galleries of images on your website.


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