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5 Quick Things to Improve Your Blog Posts

This is about readability. Content is king and relevancy is queen, but the easier you make it for people to manoeuvre through your posts the more readers will stick with you and get to all that great content you’ve created. Often … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website

1. WordPress is Easy Once you get the hang of it WordPress is a beautifully intuitive system to operate. Ok, some things are a little tricky but they’re a lot less so with WP than any and all of it’s … Continue reading

Adding Custom Menu Items

We were asked the question of how to link from the navigation bar to a page that’s not on your website. You basically need to create a custom menu item to link out to your intended destination. As long as … Continue reading

Avoiding Risky Domain Extensions

A word of warning when choosing your domain name – be careful about what kind of domain extension you choose, and ensure you register it with a reputable domain name registrar. I normally recommend folks starting out on the web … Continue reading

Choosing a Domain Name: Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes

Your domain name is one of your core points of branding and identity for your business or organisation on the web so it’s well worth putting in even a little bit of time and thought in making a decision that … Continue reading

Coder Dojo Hits the Mark

In a recent blog post here on SelfAssemblySites, Training vs Learning: Computer Science in Schools, we looked at the growing movement in Britain to bring computer science into the secondary school curriculum. Here in Ireland right under our very noses an … Continue reading

Do You Recognize All The Different Types of Website Content?

Matt Sawyer from Datadial wrote a really super blog post on the different types of content used on websites, particularly in relation to SEO: A phrase that you often hear being thrown about by SEOs is “content is king”, Although … Continue reading

Facebook Privacy: Users vs Customers

Tech Crunch recently published 5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses to Affect Your Privacy Decisions, a very enlightening artlicle by Avi Charkham of MyPermissions personal cloud security service. Do you know how many apps access your personal information on Facebook? Check your Facebook … Continue reading

Fixing TimThumb Security in WordPress

TimThumb.php is a great open-source script that web developers can use to help speed up sites by doing some clever image caching and resizing. Unfortunately it’s been discovered that there is a security hole in older versions of the script. … Continue reading

Friday 28th December Short Shorts

  Formula for a Profitable Groupon Deal: (See right) So many businesses have been crippled by not fully thinking out their discount deal. This awesome info graphic should steer any would be Deal-maker into safer and more profitable territory. Top … Continue reading

Friday Shorts 13th Jan

  6 Startups to Watch in 2012: Mashables pick out 6 bright young things of the startup world for our insight and pleasure. Most insightful of all however is to see which directions they think technology and its adoption is … Continue reading

Friday Shorts 16th December

What The World’s Biggest Websites Looked Like At Launch: It’s hard to imagine but the world beating websites we all love or loath today were once just scribbles on a piece of paper, or the brainchild of a 19-year-old college student. … Continue reading

Friday Shorts 18th November

A few interesting bits and pieces we’ve come across this week. How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell. Entertaining and educational cartoon from Matthew Inman at The Oatmeal. “It’s funny cos it’s true.” Do Schools Kill Creativity?  From TED … Continue reading

Friday Shorts 20th Jan

Anonymous Take Down the Websites of Dept of Justice, Universal Music, BMI & the FBI:   Hacker Collective Anonymous attacked and took down dozens of websites yesterday in retaliation for the FBI shutting down several sites that they believed pirate media … Continue reading

Friday Shorts 21st December

Top 10 Reasons Why Large Companies Lose Their Top Talent: Why large, established and often innovative companies have golden opportunities to keep their top talent but don’t. GoDaddy’s Spammy Link Building Techniques: The great WordPress SEO expert, Yoast, investigates some … Continue reading

Friday Shorts 2nd December

A few interesting bits and pieces we’ve come across this week.   Building Something From Nothing, How I Harnessed the Wind At age 14, in poverty and famine, a Malawian boy built a windmill to power his family’s home. Now … Continue reading

Friday Shorts 6th Jan

MIT To Give Free Education to All: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced they will launch an online learning initiative called MITx, offering MIT courses to anyone in the world free of charge. MITx will not allow students to earn … Continue reading

Friday Shorts 9th December

A few interesting bits and pieces we’ve come across this week: This week, the Android Marketplace had it’s 10 Billionth app download! Google created this beautiful infographic to tell us more. Amazon $6M fund for ebook authors: Amazon have announced … Continue reading

Friday Shorts Jan 27th

“Hmm” from Penny Arcade How to Become an Effective CEO, Chief Emotions Officer: Tim Ferriss introduces a guest post by “most innovative” award winning CEO and boutique hotel owner Chip Conley on his latest book ‘Emotional Equations, Simple Truths for … Continue reading

Getting Ready For Launch

Hello there! SelfAssemblySites is getting ready for launch. Please check back here soon to see our finalised website!

How the English Premiership is Like Building a Business

This analogy is about soccer. The value of a good analogy can be to find fresh perspectives and see things we’re used to looking at in a whole new light. Since the news here is still awash with Manchester City’s … Continue reading

How to Build a Website for Free

Want to know how you can build a website for free and in no time at all? Well, if you concentrate you can be done by dinner time! Most people can do this method in about 90 mins to 2 … Continue reading

How to Discover Your Single Greatest Business Limitation

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link This is the main underlying principle of TOC or the Theory of Constraints. You know when that clever little improvement you made to that process seemed to work at that moment, … Continue reading

How to Embed Videos on Your WordPress Website

One of the most common things people want to know, is how to successfully embed YouTube videos onto their WordPress sites. It’s mostly straight forward, but there are one or two tricky issues that you can trip up on. This … Continue reading

Hyphen in a Domain Name: Good or Bad Idea?

There’s been a little debate since our recent blog post Choosing a Domain Name: Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes. Most of it regarding the fifth point in the post, whether having a hyphen is a good or bad idea? In … Continue reading

Lack of Strategic & Critical Thinking: Why Most Businesses Fail?

The problem is students are going in, learning the theory, but have no critical thinking skills, no outside-the-box skills, no world view, no big-picture thinking. They have all the theory and none of the practice A quote from Irish Times … Continue reading

Now on Facebook!

We’ve finally setup the SelfAssemblySites Facebook page. We’ll be posting quick tips on website design and development, as well as interesting links and research. If you like what we’re doing here at SelfAssemblySites, we’d really appreciate you heading on over … Continue reading

SelfAssemblySites News Update November 2011

Here’s an update for November to let you know what changes and improvements we’ve made around the site – and what’s coming next – as well as a taster of the website training videos we’ve produced or have in production. … Continue reading

SelfAssemblySites Relaunch

Hi folks, You may have noticed that we’ve recently made all of SelfAssemblySites video training library and bonus downloads available to anyone who signs up for a free account. Back in 2011 we launched the site with high hopes, but … Continue reading

Small Business Websites: Stop Leaving All the Money on the Table

Yesterday my Google alerts brought my attention to an article which made my jaw hit the floor. I shouldn’t have been so surprised but it was the extreme extent of the statistics that amazed me, it may amaze you too. … Continue reading

SOPA: Killing Freedom of Speech for Hollywood Profit?

There’s been a lot of buzz and backlash these last few months around the tech blogs, websites and forums regarding this controversial new bill which was due to go before the US Congress. SOPA or Stop Online Piracy Act and the … Continue reading

Take Control of How You Watch Video Online

Review of Enounce MySpeed MySpeed from Enounce lets you change the playback speed of Flash video without any loss of audio quality. (No chipmunk sound.) It’s like speed-reading for video. It works with all flash streaming video, saves you time, … Continue reading

The Big Work & Little Work of Seth Godin

The now legendary Seth Godin probably blogs more than any other blogger I know or follow. Sometimes they’re the standard blog length of between 400 and 1000 words. But more often than not they’re a short few brief sentences, almost … Continue reading

The Dirty Secrets of Submitting Your Site to Search Engines

If you do a web search for “Search Engine Submission” you’ll see a lot of ads for services to help you out: 1000+ Directory Submission for 5¢ Each. High PR Directories! Submit to 700,000+ search engines. Packages Starting at $14.95 … Continue reading

Top Tips for Dealing with Blog Hecklers & Negative Comments

If you’re blogging, posting your opinions or thoughts to social media or other forums, sooner or later people are going to disagree with you. Some will be nice, some will be nasty. You just have to accept it. In fact, … Continue reading

Training vs Learning: Computer Science in Schools

The Difference Between Learning and Training Learning is usually an open format for exploration, without absolutely specific goals, knowledge for the sake of knowledge. It’s what we learn in schools and universities, we learn the curriculum as foundation for further … Continue reading

Two Different Working Styles – Which Group Are You In?

A fascinating article crossed my path the other day, regarding a key observation in the different working styles of Managers and of Makers, (creative types, programmers, engineers, really anyone who makes stuff).  Makers’ Schedule, Managers’ Schedule by Paul Graham was mostly related … Continue reading

Update for January 2011

Hi folks, we’re nearly finished development and looking forward to going live soon!

Upstart vs Startup: What’s The Difference?

‘Upstart Business’ is a phrase that seems to be creeping into the journalistic language used on tech and entrepreneurial blogs in the US. The first time I heard it I thought the writer was simply playing with the normal term … Continue reading

Video Page Design

We’re at the stage where we’re uploading loads of video content that we’ve produced up to our video content delivery provider (BitsOnTheRun – they rock). One really important thing I’ve been  working on is the design of the video page … Continue reading

Warning: Irish Government Pirating Your Rights

Update 27/01/2012: The number of signatures on the petition against “SOPA Ireland” (or “Sherlock’s Folly” as some are calling it) is now hitting 60,000 – an incredible number for a petition started just days ago. If you’re an Irish citizen … Continue reading

Warning: What You Need to Know About the New Facebook Ads

Last week Facebook announced a radical new direction for their entire advertising policy. Some have stated it’s one of the most significant changes for advertisers and consumers in the internet age. We’re going to explore what will be rolled out and some … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 10th Feb

Twitter is More Addictive than Nicotine: People are more likely to give in to the urge to tweet or check email than other cravings a US study has found, making it more addictive than both alcohol and cigarettes. Could it … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 12th May

In this week’s SelfAssemblySites web news round up: the test to gauge how addicted you are to Facebook, ten ways to motivate anyone, the new and beautiful Google+ iPhone app, the Oatmeal describes how to fix any computer and a … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 13th April

In this week’s SelfAssemblySites Web News Round Up: the Oatmeal’s tips on getting more Facebook Likes, Google+ gets a makeover, how to scale a $1billion startup from Instagram, your Facebook account archive has been expanded and humorous positive psychology with ‘The … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 17th Feb

  App Economy Creates Nearly 500k Jobs in US: Before the iPhone there was no app industry, but with the meteoric expansion of it and rival devices, the sector now employs in the region of half a million people in … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 21st April

In this week’s SelfAssemblySites Web News Round Up: Apple to have greenest data centre in the world, how to get Google to buy your startup, 5 Tips on Mobile Advertising for Small Business, the Khan Academy teaches kids genetics for … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 23rd March

On this week’s SelfAssemblySites’ Web News Round Up learn how to buy your friends drinks with Twitter, how to transfer files up to 1Gb over Facebook, Nasa invites you to a hackathon, and can code ourselves a better government. Buy … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 24th Feb

Hot Off The Press Facebook’s New, Entirely Social Ads “Will Recreate Marketing” : Leaked documents show Facebook making a radical departure from traditional online display advertising into a world where ads are conversations and brands automatically tell you which of … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 28th April

In this week’s SelfAssemblySites Web News Round Up: Charts detailing Apples monster second quarter earnings, LinkedIn’s impressively different new iPad app, the NYC startup that’s building stories from the social media noise, and the story of how one man beat … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 31st March

This week on SelfAssemblySites’ Web News Round Up we look at Google’s attempt to be a big player in downloadable media with Google Play, Earth Hour 2012 and the YouTube challenge, the US Navy’s new laser canon, how apps can … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 3rd Feb

Facebook Files for $5bn IPO: Only eight years after creating the site from his Harvard dorm room, Mark Zuckerberg’s stake in Facebook is $28bn, the full value of the company estimated to be £100bn. What Will Facebook Do With All … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 5th May

In this weeks SelfAssemblySites Web News Round Up: Dilbert’s app company, a top VC explains how to build a killer value proposition, things Pinterest aren’t telling you, business intelligence comes to amateur sport, Facebook IPO share and an explanation of … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – 6th April

This week’s SelfAssemblySites Web News RoundUp we’ve got Xkcd, 88% of tablet owners browse while watching tv, a Megaupload user fighting back, a camera that let’s you take pictures with your hands and Google’s Project Glass glimpse into the future.

Web News Round Up – March 16th

In this week’s web news round up we see Path partnering with Nike to make running more social, all the flexibilities and functions of PayPal’s new Digital Wallet, Amazon creeping into Google territory and revenue and Facebook’s 6 Point Plan … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – March 2nd

In this week’s Web News Round Up we look at the 3 most innovative social networks, see how Twitter is pairing its interest graph with ads, find out how you can charge your phone by breathing and we look for … Continue reading

Web News Round Up – March 9

In this week’s Week News Round Up we look at how the US can seize any .com domain, why Google gives cash to hackers, the benefits of levitating Japanese homes and Pinterest surprises many by referring more than Twitter. If … Continue reading

What Are the Benefits of WordPress as a CMS?

“But, isn’t WordPress just for blogs?” We see this question asked a hundred times a day all across the web. Here’s our answer: WordPress is suitable, even the best choice Content Management System (CMS) for the vast majority of websites. … Continue reading

We’ve opened the doors to our first round of beta testers and we’re getting valuable feedback already. We’ve made several small but important changes to different areas around the site based on your feedback – thanks to Josh and Anne-Marie … Continue reading

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Why You Still Need a Website Not Just a Facebook Page

One thing that we hear occasionally is “why do I need a website these days, can I not just use a Facebook page?”. The simple answer is you can do what you like, but if you want to do well, … Continue reading

Without Implementing the 5 Quick Things to Improve Your Blog Posts

Below is what this post may have looked like had I not followed the advice of the 5 Quick Things to Improve Your Blog Posts. There’s no difference in content, only a little tweak here and there on the presentation which … Continue reading