Ebook Review: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, A QuickStart Guide

In this review we're going to look at an ebook from Christine Giri from Time Tamer Consulting. Why? There are a lot of social media gurus selling ebooks so we wanted to check out what's out there and see if we can recommend one or two for our members - this is our first and we hope to have more on the way! Aside: we'll only take the time needed to write up a review if we find the resource is worthwhile so you won't find many 1 and 2 star reviews here. (If you have written a good social media ebook and would like us to review it, please contact us here.)

Ebook Review: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, A QuickStart Guide

There are 2 versions of the ebook available:

  1. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn: A Quick-Start Guide for Entrepreneurs
  2. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn: A Quick-Start Guide for Virtual Assistants

Both retail for USD $24.99. We reviewed the Entrepreneur version, which is 65 page PDF (5.7MB) download.

In this ebook, Giri concentrates on introducing the key tools around the big three of social media; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and provides a systematized approach to using them. She starts at the start - this sounds obvious but many trainers or explainers dive in at the middle. Giri explains commons terms and attributes of each social media platform, to clarify and demystify the jargon which will be a welcome relief to many new to this world. From here she gives a step by step, easy to follow approach with images and highlighting to talk readers through how to setup and establish your accounts and profiles with the big three.

Although not aimed at those already heavily using or experienced in social media, you do find yourself picking up extra little insights and tips. For example I was less familiar with LinkedIn than the other two, and was unaware that LinkedIn organises its levels through recommendations.

"You can request recommendations from colleagues specific to each professional position that you have held, whether it was a job or a business that you owned. When you reach 10 or more recommendations, you can join the Top Recommended People group. As you increase the number of recommendations, you can then move to different group levels: Gold Level (25-99 recommendations), Platinum (100-499 recommendations), and 500+ recommendations puts you at the Elite level. Being in these groups allows you access to LinkedIn users at the same level, which may be people that you would not have normally connected with."

In her systematic thinking, she argues convincingly that to get the most out of social media you need a plan and a strategy of how you're going to utilize it, how much time you're going to allot to it, and establish what your goals and targets are.


For example, Giri recommends setting up 140 character updates everyday for 2 months and setting up Hootsuite or TweetDeck to deliver them at different times each day to the three platforms. This could seem a little excessive to some and not tuned to being agile to the style or strategy of everyone. She argues, you need this sort of strategy to get the most out of your initial efforts in social media.

She sometimes lists different sets of actions or tools to use if you work with a Virtual Assistant (VA) - which will very much be in tune with quite a few of her readers - it's also something not really covered in many other works on the same topic. For example she recommends Hootsuite if you have VA, but if you're planning on doing all the work yourself to use TweetDeck, but she doesn't really explain why. That said, sometimes a short explanation is insufficient and just using both of them would clarify the difference, so it's easier to take it on faith that each is more suited to a different user or function.

As well mentioning the more established and industry standard software services, Giri also mentions several that will be new to many eyes such as FriendFollow - a site that helps you determine whom you follow on Twitter that does or doesn't follow you back (and who follows you that you do or do not follow back).

She also recommends posting your links through bit.ly so you can monitor their take up rates, when to use ping.fm and other tools. Some of these may be very handy tools for those previously unaware, and her expertise on not just how but when best to use them, will save a lot of readers a great deal of time and trial and error.

Case Studies

The last chapters were where Giri heaped on unique and highly valuable content from her experience and expertise, by providing case studies and examples of positive and clever uses of social media. They really get the mind working and creating all sorts of possibilities with the new medium. There's a few interesting stories and case studies of how she uses social media, from simple things like how she got an extra warranty extension from Sears on her washing machine and other stuff all the way to how her clients have used the skills she taught them to land huge contracts, or raise their incomes substantially.

Sample screenshot from ebook - in the text she explains various parts of the Facebook page.


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: A QuickStart Guide For Entrepreneurs by Christine Giri is an excellent resource and starting point for those unfamiliar with one or many of the social media platforms and wanting a straight forward and well explained route in. As the title signals, it is not fully suitable nor is it aimed at those wanting expert level strategies regarding social media.

Although many who think themselves experienced will find more than a few gems to make the read worthwhile. We're all about QuickStarts here at SelfAssemblySites, and this will get a new user making huge leaps and gains in a short period of time. Giri concentrates on the big three of social media and gives a flowing and easy to follow, solid grounding in them. Like many other writers and practitioners of social media she doesn't address YouTube - now the world's second most popular search engine. That said, YouTube is such a vast topic itself that this is completely understandable and keeping the ebook tight and focused is very much to the readers benefit. If you need rapid progress in kick starting your social media presence, this can help you do it!

Overall Rating

7/10 - very suitable for beginners  but not recommended to those who already use social media on a regular basis.

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