Friday Shorts 9th December

A few interesting bits and pieces we've come across this week:

Dilbert on asking for feedback on your site

10 Billionth Android App download

  • This week, the Android Marketplace had it's 10 Billionth app download! Google created this beautiful infographic to tell us more.
  • Amazon $6M fund for ebook authors: Amazon have announced a $6 million fund for ebook authors. To get a share you need to commit to sell your ebook exclusively through the Kindle Store and agree to your book being shared within Kindle Prime.
  • Good Sight for All: Josh Silver delivers his brilliantly simple solution for correcting vision at the lowest cost possible - adjustable, liquid-filled lenses. At TEDGlobal 2009, he demos his affordable eyeglasses and reveals his global plan to distribute them to a billion people in need by 2020.
  • Minority Report is Here: Xbox & Microsoft reveal interface updates centred around Kinect and Bing. Motion and voice commands will be key.

About Alistair McBride

Al is the non-techie of the SelfAssemblySites' founding duo. His first businesses were in cultural tours, then later art dealing and consulting. He was SelfAssemblySites' first user and believes if he can do it, anyone can.

He has a wide and diverse range of interests and passions, core of which are usually art, psychology and innovation, and works on both profit and non-profit projects.

Alistair truly believes that a website can be a catalyst to making any idea reality in the 21st Century. You can create all sorts of non-profit and for profit projects take-off with a good website as your launch pad.

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