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A website I built myself using SelfAssemblySites

A website I built myself using SelfAssemblySites

Are you fed up with the high costs of web design, and the seeming complexity of it all? Me too.

The Frustration

When I started my Art business several years ago, like most people, I hired a web designer to build my site for me. It was a good site, if a little expensive, and I was quite happy with it. A few months later, I needed some simple but important changes made – sold paintings removed, new paintings added. My web designer was a good guy but he was too busy, so I had to wait. When the changes were made, I was charged $120 an hour, several people told me that was a very fair rate for a guy of his quality, that they pay way more. He was a quality designer, that's what you pay. But at that cost it doesn't make you feel like you want to be continually improving your site.

I felt I had no control over my site, instead of enhancing and reflecting my business it felt separate to me, it was a frustration and a burden. If you're feeling that same frustration, trust me, I feel your pain.

The Revelation

Years later I met Alastair McDermott. One morning at his kitchen table, with only a pen and paper, he talked me through how to build a great site for myself using professional tools – I recorded this conversation on my Flip video camera. I went away and to my amazement I built my sites, which turned out great (you can see one example here on this page).

It was the most remarkable sensation. Hands thrust into the air, that surge of pure elation. One day something is totally alien to you and the next you've surprised yourself by actually building something. Real proof that you can do it, not just a thought or intention. Sure it's a simple and basic site to begin with but it's professional quality and most of all it's yours. It's a strong starting point to build on. The feeling that you built it, you didn't think you could, but you did is remarkable. You followed the simple instructions and you created your first website. A wonderful feeling of accomplishment, that strikingly positive feeling that you are competent in a whole new area. You've achieved something significant and can build on that to even greater things.

It took me an hour or so to build a fully functioning website, which I'd never been able to do before... the initial quick-start was brilliant and that's why I'd recommend it - Chris Ekin, London, UK

It was just so easy, I told some friends about it and they asked for the videos. So I went back to Alastair and we decided to create SelfAssemblySites, with high quality videos and walkthroughs for every aspect of building and running a site.

The Vision

In the modern world, if you can can create your own website, or design a site, it can be a catalyst and a launch pad for so many ideas and ambitions that otherwise wouldn't be possible to explore due to the cost. Sure you can use facebook, or one of the simple site-in-a-box options, but they're not real solutions, they're far too narrow in scope. Being able to build real sites with pro tools, makes you free to run with your ideas. Not only that but able to build your own websites saves you a load of money, and allows you to put all those limited resources toward more important areas.

I wanted to help people turn their websites from passive and costly, frustrating experiences to a very affordable, active and constructive accelerant to their success and hopefully your success. I want to put you in control like I had been, so you can grow your websites as you grow your business or projects.

If you want to learn how to build or manage your own high quality website, then join us today - you're only 30 seconds away from hundreds of videos and our private members forum - I hope to see you there.

Our SelfAssemblySites QuickStart Guide is FREE, so signup and get started right now.

Just think, in under 2 hours, you could have your first site live!

- Alistair McBride.

SelfAssemblySites is tailor made and a perfect fit for new comers to web design and WordPress - Review
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Imagine the satisfaction you're going to feel knowing you've done this all by yourself.

From the absolute basics to more advanced video tutorials, in no time at all, you'll be able to design and create your own websites either for yourself, your family or friends.

In fact, this could actually become a whole new revenue stream for you if you put your mind to it.

Website design need not be as difficult as you might imagine.

A full professional business website

created by you in as little as 2 hours

We stand by this very strong statement...

You can, with our help, create your very own business website in as little as 2 hours.

And our pleasure is going to be showing you exactly how to go about this.

And all this by simply Signing up for Free. What have you got to lose?

Fact is, anyone can afford to get started with us when it's FREE.

Imagine the perfect platform to help you to create your very first professional looking website.

How would it appear? How would it look? Let's stop delaying and get started.

No more will you be left in the dark asking yourself...

  • "How do I go about this?"
  • "What do I need to do first?"
  • "What do I need to get started?"
  • "What are the costs involved?"
  • "Am I really capable of doing this all by myself with next to zero website design skills?"

All of your questions are answered in simple plain English.

English which anyone can understand.

No technical jargon. Nothing difficult here.

It matters not whether you're 17 years old or 77 years old, when we state anyone can do this with our help and guidance - this is exactly what we mean.

Video Tour of Members Area

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is membership?

Silver Membership is FREE! See the pricing page for a breakdown of the different membership options.

Can I really build a website in under 2 hours?

Yes, with a little focus we've had people with no previous experience build their first website in 90 minutes, some take a bit longer, but it's not a race. Even just that could save you $100s! You'll need to have some basic content of text and images ready otherwise it will take a little longer. But rest assured, you'll be starting from a solid foundation

Can I really can learn to build a website worth $5000 without any previous technical or design knowledge? Seriously?

Yes, but we understand why you might be a bit sceptical. That's what's covered in the premium membership training. It’s not all easy – if you want to build something valuable you will still need to put in some hours – but it is possible. In fact, that’s why we setup SelfAssemblySites in the first place because it’s far more straight forward than most realise!

With the growth of professional themes, tens of thousands of plugins, vast stock photography and graphics sites, and Content Management Systems (CMS’) that are getting easier and easier to use, it really is possible for folks with very little technical or design experience to create something amazing. We have hundreds of videos showing you how to take advantage of these factors.

If you were to write a project spec for a website containing half the number of the things we teach you to do, it would cost over $5000. We give you all that with your premium membership.

You can build any level of website you choose

You can build a simple website very quickly, or spend more time on it and build something more powerful - whatever suits your requirements!

Of course you might not want huge amounts of functionality – maybe you just need a simple, effective site (that a professional might charge $1000 for) – we’ll show you how to build something like that too. We hope that the massive savings most people will achieve compared to these costs will make signing up for SelfAssemblySites an easy decision!

If you get all you need from our FREE Silver Membership that's perfect, if you choose to upgrade to a premium member that's great too!

Can I just learn how to maintain and update an existing site?

Yes, a significant number of our members already had sites when they joined us, and use SAS so they can improve and update their websites rapidly, without having to waste time and money getting their web company to do it.

You waste time, in having to explain clearly what you want done and then the delay in seeing the result appear, which if the company is busy can take several weeks. How much is that time worth to you?

Most web companies charge between $70-$180 per hour for updates, so even one month on SAS can be a very wise investment, allowing to update your site yourself. We put them in control!

For the price of one update to your site with a developer, you could learn to make as many changes to your site as you wish with our premium membership. Makes clear economic sense. Many of the core elements you learn in our FREE Silver Membership level too.

Computer: You need a computer with an internet connection and sound, so that you can watch video. Broadband is preferable, but we have our videos in various sizes to suit slower connections. If you can watch any YouTube video, e.g. the video on this page, then you’re ready to get started. You can use Windows, MacOS, Linux and most other operating systems. You can even use a smartphone like iPhone, Androids, Blackberry.

Credit Card: Almost all software, etc, that we recommend is free, so there are very few extra costs. The only things you will need to purchase, if you don’t have them already, are a) domain name (around $9) and b) website hosting (from $6 per month). We recommend several suppliers for different needs but you are free to choose any you like.[Note: You pay the Hosting Company not SelfAssemblySites. No matter where you get a website you still have to pay a hosting fee].

Notepad & pen: It’s not all about the hi-tech! You will find that a pen and paper will be useful, particularly in the early planning stages.

Why does SelfAssemblySites teach WordPress as the primary system?

Why we choose WordPress - Click for large image

Why we choose WordPress

It’s simply the best system out there at the moment. It’s very, very user friendly for non-technical users, and it is continually improving and expanding on a regular basis.

More professional developers are now using WordPress as their primary CMS than any other system and this is being reflected in the statistics: WordPress is now used by more websites than all the other CMS’s (Content Management Systems) put together. This scale means that there are thousands of free and premium themes – design templates, tens of thousands of plugins available (like apps for your android or iPhone), and millions of web designers and developers familiar with the system. See this image for more information.

Isn’t WordPress just for blogs?

No, but lots of people think it is because it did start out a blogging platform years ago. However, it has since expanded in scope exponentially and now outperforms all other options in its class and is widely accepted to be the most powerful and user friendly CMS.

Note: it’s easy to mix up the confusingly named WordPress.ORG CMS with WordPress.COM which is a hosted blogging solution from the same company. We show you how to use the powerful WordPress.ORG CMS.

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