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SAS Website Planner - Use the Planner guide if you want to plan your website
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Access to our private member's only community where you can request site reviews, get feedback on your strategy, ask questions of our professional web developers and learn from your peers in a friendly, safe environment. Go to community forums →

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SAS QuickStart

If you are in a rush then the QuickStart Guide is perfect for you! This guide shows you how to quickly and effectively build a good website. Less than 1 hour of required video viewing, you can have a site online in less than 24 hours with no previous technical experience. We recommend allowing 3-6 hours to get a small but professional site set-up. Go to QuickStart →

SAS Website Planner

This Guide walks you through all aspects of planning your new website from creating a site blueprint, analysing your competitors, gathering content, to choosing a design and ensuring you have the must-have elements of your site planned. Go to Website Planner →

SAS Website Builder

This Guide shows you how to build a professional quality website with no previous technical or design experience. We recommend allowing 20+ hours to get a professional level site fully set-up. Go to Website Builder →

SAS Website Manager

This Guide is designed for those who have had a site built for them by someone else but want to maintain it themselves. This Guide contains all the necessary elements for you to update your WordPress site once it is up and running. Go to Website Manager →

SAS Website Marketing

How to promote your website using internet marketing and real-world methods such as SEO, social media, Pay Per Click and traditional media advertising. Go to Website Marketing →

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An exhaustive list of all training lessons we have online currently. It's automatically updated whenever we add new content so if you're looking for a new video this is a great place to start. Go to All Modules →

Free Bonus Downloads

Web Design Checklist

Web Design Checklist

With lists of points covering multiple areas from planning to design to content, this web design checklist should help you ensure you don't overlook important parts of your site and make your design process easier and more organized. Consider using this checklist as a jumping off point for creating your own customised list, based on your own needs.

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Logo Design Questionnaire

Logo Design Questionnaire

Not many people enjoy filling out questionnaires, but giving these questions some thought will really help you be successful with your logo project.

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Free Graphics Pack

Free Graphics Pack

These graphics are great way to add life to a boring webpage. These buttons cover all the major calls-to action, the professionally hand-drawn graphics included in this graphics pack are another great way to draw attention to elements on your website, add a fun element, and just look great. They all come with a transparent PNG. You can see some of these in use around SelfAssemblySites :)

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Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Compared to Google ads, on Facebook there are fewer advertisers which means less competition for your niche. This is also relevant because it can cost you much less per click – a better return on your investment. Additionally, people can "Like" your advertisements, which can produce a snowball effect. If you’re seeking to drive traffic to your website, Facebook Fan Page, Profile Page event, group or application, Facebook Advertising may be your ideal solution. Our getting started guide will walk you through the five basic steps in setting up Facebook Advertising.

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