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Facebook Privacy: Users vs Customers

Tech Crunch recently published 5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses to Affect Your Privacy Decisions, a very enlightening artlicle by Avi Charkham of MyPermissions personal cloud security service.

Do you know how many apps access your personal information on Facebook? Check your Facebook apps permissions and get ready for a surprise.

Click that button! I keep my Facebook activity relatively low. I thought very low, but seemingly not. I thought I'd have four or five apps engaged at most, but no, I've fifteen. Where did they come from, half of them I can't even remember.

In a Nutshell

A Nutshell

In a nutshell Facebook have changed from the old "Allow" or "Don't Allow" warning to a new friendlier and nothing to fear message of "Play Game" or similar app appropriate message. The new buttons really do just completely ignore that there are any concerns or issues at all. As Charkham points out, Facebook still give you an outline of what's going to happen with your permissions but it's in the light grey text under all the action or more specifics are only linked by a tiny questions mark. Tests show we've been trained to completely ignore this whole area anyway and few ever read it.

The psychology of the change is quite intriguing. The old style was binary; make a choice, go or no go with stated risk involved. It's a question of trust, do you trust these people? This turned it into a risk versus reward scenario, do I want what they have enough to risk my information in their hands? Often for me the answer was no. This was obviously a problem for Facebook and those willing to create apps on their platform, you need massive adoption and opt-in rates when you get to that stage. Scaring people away from opting in just wasn't working so they made it lighter and fluffier.

Users vs Customers (more…)

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Web News Round Up – 12th May

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In this week's SelfAssemblySites web news round up: the test to gauge how addicted you are to Facebook, ten ways to motivate anyone, the new and beautiful Google+ iPhone app, the Oatmeal describes how to fix any computer and a Ted video shows us how to make choosing easier and more profitable.

iPhone Google+ (Flickr: charliecurve)

Psychologists Develop Tools to Measure Facebook Addiction

Psychologists in Bergen, Norway have created a method of gauging Facebook users' addiction to the social network. The studies show younger people, women and those less socially confident have increased likelihood of over use. Read the article.

10 Ways to Motivate Anyone

Geil Browning argues that greater autonomy and control is important for employees but disagrees with many thought leader such as Daniel Pink that all extrinsic motivators such as raises and bonuses are bad. When you understand an employee's thinking and behavioral preferences, you'll be able to maximize his or her enthusiasm, what moves one will leave another cold. This will help you get your workforce aligned and moving in the same direction, and you'll see incredible returns. Read the article.

New Google+ for iPhone Begs to Be Touched


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Web News Round Up – 28th April

Skynet (Image: xkcd.com)

In this week's SelfAssemblySites Web News Round Up: Charts detailing Apples monster second quarter earnings, LinkedIn's impressively different new iPad app, the NYC startup that's building stories from the social media noise, and the story of how one man beat a patent troll.

Gopogo Screenshot

Apple's Latest Ferocious Quarter in 4 Simple Charts

Apple's second quarter earnings are out and they made pretty impressive reading. The world's biggest public corporation were just short of doubling profit from this quarter in 2011, to $11.6bn. The most remarkable insight was that Apple could have stopped selling everything on January 4th and still made more profit than Facebook for the entire quarter, scary stuff. Read the article and view the charts.

Gopogo Let's You Create, Share & Discover Location Based Stories

With so much social sharing going on, much of it just gets lost in the noise. NYC startup Gopogo are addressing this problem, with a geo-location platform for recording, sharing and discovering connected experiences. So a user might walk around a city visiting art galleries, cafes and other places of interest and create "Strings" which tell the story of their day through geo-tagged chronology, with photos, videos, and commentary. They can discover the experiences of others, by location, theme, or areas of interest. Read the article.

LinkedIn's Surprisingly Slick New iPad App


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Web News Round Up – 31st March

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This week on SelfAssemblySites' Web News Round Up we look at Google's attempt to be a big player in downloadable media with Google Play, Earth Hour 2012 and the YouTube challenge, the US Navy's new laser canon, how apps can change your life and the Oatmeal gives gold standard advice on improving your shopping cart as only it can.

Google Play

Google Integrates Play Into Navigation Bar

Google has taken the next step in its mission to become one of the big players in downloadable media online. The search giant has unified all its digital content stores under the name Google Play. The navigation bar already contains gmail, docs, images, youtube and maps, now joining them with the bright red 'new' beside it, is Google's latest venture. But will the take up be on par with Google Earth or Google Buzz? Read the article.

US Navy 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships

It's up there with some of the most popular science fiction visions of the future, but the laser gun weapon may soon become fact. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) claim they'll have a working laser canon prototype on a ship in under four years time. It's purpose will primarily be to target subsonic cruise missiles, aircraft, fast moving boats and unmanned aerial vehicles. Read the article and watch the video.

YouTube Earth Hour Campaign Dares You To Take Action for the Planet

Earth Hour which is now in its sixth year encourages people to take positive action by turning off your lights for one hour annually on March 31st between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. YouTube is launching a new platform named "I Will If You Will" for Earth Hour 2012, it allows people to challenge others to take environmentally friendly action for the planet. Read the article and watch the video.

How Apps Can Change Your Life

Chad Mureta was a an 18 hour a day real estate agent salesman living from hand to mouth until he had a car crash which mangled his arm and almost killed him. From knowing little or nothing about technology he borrowed some money and created an app for $1800 which eventually created revenue of $800,000. His new book, "App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life and Let Technology Work for You", gives insights on how you can do the same. Read the article and watch the video.

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Coder Dojo Hits the Mark

In a recent blog post here on SelfAssemblySites, Training vs Learning: Computer Science in Schools, we looked at the growing movement in Britain to bring computer science into the secondary school curriculum. Here in Ireland right under our very noses an organic, non-profit organisation was doing something very similar off their own bat.

Coder Dojo is a volunteer lead group orientated around running coding clubs for 9-16 yr olds, usually on Saturdays outside of schools, for example the Highlane Gallery in Drogheda, the Science Gallery and Google's Montevetro building in Dublin. The kids learn how to code, developing websites, apps, games and other technology.

In early 2011 James Whelton won some publicity by hacking the iPod Nano. This stirred the interest of some of his PBC Cork school pupils and so he started to teach them html and css.  A meeting with the philanthropist and entrepreneur Bill Liao proved a catalyst to Whelton's brain wave. It was June 2011 when the first Coder Dojo was launched in Cork's National Software Centre to great success.  Rapid expansion followed with Coder Dojo now boasting 40 dojos in Ireland and further afield, as far as London, St Petersburg, Florence and 10 across the United States.

The attitude of the guys and clubs shines through with great positivity in their one rule: (more…)

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Web News Round Up – 24th Feb


Economics of Freemium

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Hot Off The Press

Facebook's New, Entirely Social Ads "Will Recreate Marketing" : Leaked documents show Facebook making a radical departure from traditional online display advertising into a world where ads are conversations and brands automatically tell you which of your friends are already on their side. Facebook is making the new ads social by default, meaning they will automatically show users when their friends have already Liked the advertiser. And the new formats will draw their content exclusively from posts to brands' Facebook Pages, rather from advertising copy written independently.

Mobile Games & The Economics of Freemium: Where's the money in creating a game and then giving it away for free? This nifty infographic, on right, explores and explains all.

Clothes Horse Online Shopping Makes Sure Clothes Fit: Bad customer experiences due to clothes not fitting  has led to "70% shopping cart abandonment" and "60% of customers returning items because they don't fit".  But one company may have found a solution.

A Plane You Can Drive (TED Video): A flying car is an iconic image of the future. But after 100 years of flight and automotive engineering, no one has really cracked the problem, until now. Pilot and MIT graduate Anna Mracek Dietrich and her team flipped the question, asking: Why not build a plane that you can drive?

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Web News Round Up – 17th Feb

"More Accurate" Property of Xkcd.com


Apple App Store Logo

App Economy Creates Nearly 500k Jobs in US: Before the iPhone there was no app industry, but with the meteoric expansion of it and rival devices, the sector now employs in the region of half a million people in the United States alone.

Flexible Screens Have Arrived: C3Nano, a company that makes transparent, flexible screens has secured a round of funding worth $6.7, and is building relationships in Japan and Korea with giants such as Samsung. The technology boasts it's robust and cost effective. (Includes demo video)

StartUp May Save Businesses Fortunes in Legal Costs: Technology has limited, changed or destroyed many long established industries, now it might be the turn of the legal professions to take a battering, having to compete with technological solutions to some of its core business practices.

The World's Smallest 3D Printer (Video): What could you do with the world’s smallest 3D printer? At TEDxVienna Klaus Stadlmann demos his tiny, affordable printer that could someday make customized hearing aids or sculptures smaller than a human hair.

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Web News Round Up – 10th Feb

The Oatmeal - What I want from a restaurant website (click to view full image)

The Oatmeal - What I want from a restaurant website (click to view full image)

Image by Carrot Creative

Twitter is More Addictive than Nicotine: People are more likely to give in to the urge to tweet or check email than other cravings a US study has found, making it more addictive than both alcohol and cigarettes. Could it just be that twitter isn't as obviously costly or damaging to your health?

Beijing Micro Bloggers Must Use Real Name or Be Banned: The Chinese government says all microbloggers in Beijing must post under their real names by March 16 or they'll be banned from the service. The move from the Chinese government is the latest in a series of ways they want to monitor and curtail social media activity in their country.

When the SuperBowl Bored Americans, They Opened Apps: At the less captivating moments of this year's Super Bowl audiences turned to their second screens, you can see clearly which ads and which game play were captivating and hit the mark and which fumbled and dropped the ball.

YouTube Expands Channels Initiative: Last October, Google announced it would begin rolling out over 100 new channels featuring original programming across YouTube, turning the site focus from one-off videos into a major online content destination, two new automotive channels are its latest offering.





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