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Adding Custom Menu Items

We were asked the question of how to link from the navigation bar to a page that's not on your website. You basically need to create a custom menu item to link out to your intended destination. As long as it has a url, a page address, you can put a link to it on your menu bar.

View the video:

Why you might need to do this:

  • to link directly to your facebook, linkedin or Pinterest profiles
  • to link directly to a highly relevant pdf embedded on someone else's site
  • to save people having to go through several steps to get to the desired link
  • to link to another very relevant site you own
  • the galleries on some themes have a url but will not display as optimally on it's own page

The navigation bar is for your most relevant and important pages and links. If you're deciding if you should put a link on the navigation bar or not, 'less is more',  is usually a good rule of thumb. If it falls neatly under another more relevant category you can always just make it a child page of the more important parent page.


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Friday 28th December Short Shorts

Copyright of Gary Larson, The Far Side

Copyright of Gary Larson, The Far Side


4 Must Have Elements to Designing a Profiltable Deal

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Formula for a Profitable Groupon Deal: (See right) So many businesses have been crippled by not fully thinking out their discount deal. This awesome info graphic should steer any would be Deal-maker into safer and more profitable territory.

Top 10 Reasons Why Venture Capital Backed Companies Fail: VC expert Eric Jackson writes for Forbes about his own experiences and observations on the core factors why some VC backed Startups fail.

Superbowl to be Streamed Live to US Mobile Phones: The biggest sporting event in the US is to be officially streamed live by NBC for the first time to be viewable on computers and mobile devices.

The Neurons that Shaped Human Civilisation: In this TED video, neurologist VS Ramachandran explains Mirror Neurons, neurological firings that allow us to imitate and empathise with people and behaviours around us that sculpted human development and may be the bridge between science and the humanities.




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Video Page Design

Video player is width of main content column

We're at the stage where we're uploading loads of video content that we've produced up to our video content delivery provider (BitsOnTheRun - they rock). One really important thing I've been  working on is the design of the video page template. This is the page that our customers are going to spend most of their time on, viewing training videos, so it's crucial that they are well laid out and are very usable. (more…)

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