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Avoiding Risky Domain Extensions

A word of warning when choosing your domain name - be careful about what kind of domain extension you choose, and ensure you register it with a reputable domain name registrar.

I normally recommend folks starting out on the web stick to purchasing domains on .COM, .NET and .ORG if available, and perhaps the relevant 2-letter country level domain(s) - for example .IE for Ireland, .ES for Spain, .FR for France - or the equivalent in UK being .CO.UK and Australia being .COM.AU. These domains are called TLDs for Top Level Domains, and are divided into gTLDs and ccTLDs for Global- and Country-Code- Top Level Domains respectively. These are "official", or "real" TLDs and you can find a list here (note that two-part domains like Australia and UK just have the last part listed).

Quick rule of thumb for a new business: my general guideline to stick to the established TLDs. You should go for .COM if it's available, plus maybe the ccTLD for the country(s) that your target customers live in. Of course there are always exceptions (more…)

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