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Web News Round Up – 5th May

App Company (Image: dilbert.com)

In this weeks SelfAssemblySites Web News Round Up: Dilbert's app company, a top VC explains how to build a killer value proposition, things Pinterest aren't telling you, business intelligence comes to amateur sport, Facebook IPO share and an explanation of what an IPO actually is.

Pin It (Flickr: DrJohnBullas)

Top VC Explains How to Build a Killer Value Proposition

Michael Skok recently lectured to a group of students and aspiring entrepreneurs as part of a series of talks at the Harvard Innovation Lab and here are some of the key ideas. He examines the DNA of a value proposition by stripping it down to its foundational elements and reassembling it. Essential reading for anyone wanting funding. Read the article 

4 Things Pinterest Isn't Telling You

Pinterest has quickly become a major player for social media referrals and business, especially if you're in the design, travel or retail sectors. The site refers more converted traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ combined and is the sweet spot of demographics for many companies. But there are some things that Pinterest seems to be less than forthcoming about. This you may want to know. Read the article. (more…)

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Web News Round Up – March 9

"Late Shift" (Image: Dilbert.com)

In this week's Week News Round Up we look at how the US can seize any .com domain, why Google gives cash to hackers, the benefits of levitating Japanese homes and Pinterest surprises many by referring more than Twitter.

If It Ends In .Com the US Can Seize It

The betting website Bodog.com was recently shut down by US authorities. What surprised most was the fact that it was Canadian and so many had believed that it was outside US jurisdiction. It seems this is not the case. VeriSign manages the registration of .com and other top level domains globally and since it's based in United States it obeys the law and complies with US Court Orders. The popular .net and .org managing bodies are also in the US and can be similarly effected. Read the article.

Google Throws Cash at Hackers to Publicly Crack its Chrome Browser

Google has offered cash prizes to anyone who is able to hack their browser in an effort to ensure Chrome is as safe as possible. The prize money has been on the table for the last four years but it's only this week that they've had to pay out. The talented individual was a Russian university student. Read the article.

Levitating Homes A Possible Solution to Japan's Natural Disasters


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