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The Big Work & Little Work of Seth Godin

Seth Godin (Flickr: Joi)

The now legendary Seth Godin probably blogs more than any other blogger I know or follow. Sometimes they're the standard blog length of between 400 and 1000 words. But more often than not they're a short few brief sentences, almost like a thought of the day. Most people couldn't get away with one line blog posts. There'd be moans and a huge unsubscribe rate.

But Godin's proven himself time again with books as manifestos for his arena-shaping ideas. When people use the words 'thought-leader' for a field, Seth Godin might be a prime example in the area of modern marketing and work, with paradigm shifts such as The Purple Cow, Lynchpin, Tribes and The Dip to name but a few. We even directly refer to The Dip in our own Website Planning Course, as it's so helpful. He's taken the publishing industry in another experimental direction with the Domino Project.

But always there is his blog. When you blog at his rate you're going to inevitably have hits and misses. (more…)

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Small Business Websites: Stop Leaving All the Money on the Table

Money on the Table (Flickr: Casey Serin)

Yesterday my Google alerts brought my attention to an article which made my jaw hit the floor. I shouldn't have been so surprised but it was the extreme extent of the statistics that amazed me, it may amaze you too.

(Note: SMB's or Small and Medium Businesses is the term used in the US, in the UK & Ireland they're referred to as SME's, or Small and Medium Enterprises.)

SMB Digital Scope analysed over a million small business websites across 14 countries, with the majority of 700,000 of them in the US. Here are some of their key findings:

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