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Lack of Strategic & Critical Thinking: Why Most Businesses Fail?

The problem is students are going in, learning the theory, but have no critical thinking skills, no outside-the-box skills, no world view, no big-picture thinking. They have all the theory and none of the practice

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A quote from Irish Times article with Louise Phelan, Head of Paypal EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).  She criticised Irish college leavers as having a poor ability both to plan and to innovate. However, Paypal has announced they're giving Ireland another 1,000 jobs in any event - good news. But is this a larger problem for businesses and websites across the globe?

In honest reflection, strategic planning was one of my big problems in past projects and earlier businesses. I wasn't lacking in big picture or out of the box thinking and had a business plan. But much of my work and processes were reactionary and opportunistic rather than concise and coherent. If I could talk to my younger self for just a few minutes things may well have gone differently. (more…)

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Training vs Learning: Computer Science in Schools

The Difference Between Learning and Training

Learning is usually an open format for exploration, without absolutely specific goals, knowledge for the sake of knowledge. It's what we learn in schools and universities, we learn the curriculum as foundation for further expansion of knowledge.  Learning is about levels of knowledge, which in academics merit different grades.

Training is usually about specific skills and "doing". At the end of a training course participants should be able to complete distinct tasks or functions, have developed skills they didn't have before.

There is a growing belief from some in Britain, such as the £2bn a year computer games industry and UK Education Minister Michael Gove, that computer science should be offered in the curriculum of second level education. It's interesting to see if it will be a traditional learning course or greater integration with aspects of training.

Raspberry Pi Gives a Taste for Coding


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