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Facebook Privacy: Users vs Customers

Tech Crunch recently published 5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses to Affect Your Privacy Decisions, a very enlightening artlicle by Avi Charkham of MyPermissions personal cloud security service.

Do you know how many apps access your personal information on Facebook? Check your Facebook apps permissions and get ready for a surprise.

Click that button! I keep my Facebook activity relatively low. I thought very low, but seemingly not. I thought I'd have four or five apps engaged at most, but no, I've fifteen. Where did they come from, half of them I can't even remember.

In a Nutshell

A Nutshell

In a nutshell Facebook have changed from the old "Allow" or "Don't Allow" warning to a new friendlier and nothing to fear message of "Play Game" or similar app appropriate message. The new buttons really do just completely ignore that there are any concerns or issues at all. As Charkham points out, Facebook still give you an outline of what's going to happen with your permissions but it's in the light grey text under all the action or more specifics are only linked by a tiny questions mark. Tests show we've been trained to completely ignore this whole area anyway and few ever read it.

The psychology of the change is quite intriguing. The old style was binary; make a choice, go or no go with stated risk involved. It's a question of trust, do you trust these people? This turned it into a risk versus reward scenario, do I want what they have enough to risk my information in their hands? Often for me the answer was no. This was obviously a problem for Facebook and those willing to create apps on their platform, you need massive adoption and opt-in rates when you get to that stage. Scaring people away from opting in just wasn't working so they made it lighter and fluffier.

Users vs Customers (more…)

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Web News Round Up – 31st March

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This week on SelfAssemblySites' Web News Round Up we look at Google's attempt to be a big player in downloadable media with Google Play, Earth Hour 2012 and the YouTube challenge, the US Navy's new laser canon, how apps can change your life and the Oatmeal gives gold standard advice on improving your shopping cart as only it can.

Google Play

Google Integrates Play Into Navigation Bar

Google has taken the next step in its mission to become one of the big players in downloadable media online. The search giant has unified all its digital content stores under the name Google Play. The navigation bar already contains gmail, docs, images, youtube and maps, now joining them with the bright red 'new' beside it, is Google's latest venture. But will the take up be on par with Google Earth or Google Buzz? Read the article.

US Navy 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships

It's up there with some of the most popular science fiction visions of the future, but the laser gun weapon may soon become fact. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) claim they'll have a working laser canon prototype on a ship in under four years time. It's purpose will primarily be to target subsonic cruise missiles, aircraft, fast moving boats and unmanned aerial vehicles. Read the article and watch the video.

YouTube Earth Hour Campaign Dares You To Take Action for the Planet

Earth Hour which is now in its sixth year encourages people to take positive action by turning off your lights for one hour annually on March 31st between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. YouTube is launching a new platform named "I Will If You Will" for Earth Hour 2012, it allows people to challenge others to take environmentally friendly action for the planet. Read the article and watch the video.

How Apps Can Change Your Life

Chad Mureta was a an 18 hour a day real estate agent salesman living from hand to mouth until he had a car crash which mangled his arm and almost killed him. From knowing little or nothing about technology he borrowed some money and created an app for $1800 which eventually created revenue of $800,000. His new book, "App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life and Let Technology Work for You", gives insights on how you can do the same. Read the article and watch the video.

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