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SelfAssemblySites News Update November 2011

Here's an update for November to let you know what changes and improvements we've made around the site - and what's coming next - as well as a taster of the website training videos we've produced or have in production. Please give us your thoughts and suggestions on anything you think could make the site better for you!

We're continuously shooting more videos for you - here's a list of recently completed screencasts:

And recently completed Expert Answers videos:

On the way over the next few weeks:

  • Show/Hide Content On A Page
  • Installing A Picture Gallery
  • List of Recommended Plugins
  • Ecommerce Plugin Overview
  • Backup Plugin Setup
  • Yoast SEO Plugin Setup
  • Westhost Hosting Setup

We've also made some improvements to the website itself since our last update:

  • Completed our site move to faster hosting
  • Made improvements to code and images to optimise page load times
  • Design improvements on the Members Dashboard

Site improvements we will making over the next few weeks :

  • Improving the layout of the category pages (e.g. http://www.selfassemblysites.com/cat...dating-content ) - to differentiate between video pages and blog posts
  • Tidy up how Tags appear (on all pages)
  • Add blog specific sidebar for blog listing page
  • Add a new custom field to the videos which will tell you "How this particular video benefits you" (we're working on figuring out a better way to word that, it's a bit clunky, but we want to make it really obvious what result you will get from watching any given video)
  • Reviewing the plugins we use on the site currently, ensuring we have everything we want installed

We will update this community forum thread regularly - feel free to add your suggestions and comments!


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Fixing TimThumb Security in WordPress

TimThumb.php is a great open-source script that web developers can use to help speed up sites by doing some clever image caching and resizing.

Unfortunately it's been discovered that there is a security hole in older versions of the script. If you are using this script on your site - it may be part of a premium theme - then you need to upgrade it to the latest version.

To know if you've been affected, you need to do a search for a file called "timthumb.php" - if you downloaded your theme files to your desktop before uploading, then you can do instant search by typing the filename into Voidtools Search Everything - watch the video for a full walkthrough.

Fortunately, the fix is easy. (more…)

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We've opened the doors to our first round of beta testers and we're getting valuable feedback already. We've made several small but important changes to different areas around the site based on your feedback - thanks to Josh and Anne-Marie for being quick off the mark :)

The question we'd like to ask you is simple: what can we improve about SelfAssemblySites?

If you're a member, please let us know what you think in this thread on the community forum. If you're not a member please leave a comment in the box below.

Thanks for your help!

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Update for January 2011

Hi folks, we're nearly finished development and looking forward to going live soon!

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