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WordPress Gallery Plugin Review: NextGen Gallery & 3 Other Plugins

As of this month - August 2012 - the NextGEN Gallery plugin appears to be the best gallery plugin for WordPress. It has an astonishing 5.5 million downloads and over 2,000 positive ratings. But I wanted to discover if there were drawbacks to this impressive plugin and in what situations would other plugins suit users better. So along with NextGEN Gallery I'll be looking at DM Albums and WP J Query Lightbox plugins.

The other two plugins aren't slackers and boast pretty fine download figures too, with over 90,000 and 180,000 respectively. With a wealth of choice on WordPress for gallery plugin options, this blog post and accompanying video will help you get a clearer idea what's important to you as a WordPress user and so what suits your situation.

With lots of plugins available, it makes it hard to choose. Hopefully this will help!

Click to View the Video, click bottom right button to view full screen, or to the left of that to view on Youtube with Chaptering

Clarification: In this post and video we're going to concentrate on gallery plugins that showcase photographs and images. There are a wealth of other plugins which have some overlap, but do slightly or very different functions. For example Thumbnails for Excerpts displays thumbnails of your actual posts to entice people to click on them, similar to WordPress Content Slide which creates fading image slide shows, again of your content. Or Awesome Flickr Gallery which displays your photos on flickr in gallery form on your WordPress site. But for this review we'll exclude those and keep the brief tight, and concentrate on plugins that simply display galleries of images on your website.


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How to Embed Videos on Your WordPress Website

One of the most common things people want to know, is how to successfully embed YouTube videos onto their WordPress sites. It's mostly straight forward, but there are one or two tricky issues that you can trip up on.

This Video Shows You:

  • How to Link to a YouTube Video
  • How to Embed a YouTube Video & the Most Common Mistake People Make
  • How to Embed a YouTube Video the Right Way
  • How to Embed Videos from Vimeo & Other Video Sharing Websites

View video here or Click on 'YouTube' in lower right corner to view on YouTube with time stamped chapters

The Key Mistake Not to Make

If you add the embed code in the HTML editor, and then switch back into the Visual editor, sometimes your video embed code disappears. Stay in the HTML editor, hit Publish or Update to make it go live, and only edit that post or page in the HTML editor from then on - so make adding the video the last thing you do.

More Like This

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Web News Round Up – 31st March

Click To View Full Cartoon

This week on SelfAssemblySites' Web News Round Up we look at Google's attempt to be a big player in downloadable media with Google Play, Earth Hour 2012 and the YouTube challenge, the US Navy's new laser canon, how apps can change your life and the Oatmeal gives gold standard advice on improving your shopping cart as only it can.

Google Play

Google Integrates Play Into Navigation Bar

Google has taken the next step in its mission to become one of the big players in downloadable media online. The search giant has unified all its digital content stores under the name Google Play. The navigation bar already contains gmail, docs, images, youtube and maps, now joining them with the bright red 'new' beside it, is Google's latest venture. But will the take up be on par with Google Earth or Google Buzz? Read the article.

US Navy 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships

It's up there with some of the most popular science fiction visions of the future, but the laser gun weapon may soon become fact. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) claim they'll have a working laser canon prototype on a ship in under four years time. It's purpose will primarily be to target subsonic cruise missiles, aircraft, fast moving boats and unmanned aerial vehicles. Read the article and watch the video.

YouTube Earth Hour Campaign Dares You To Take Action for the Planet

Earth Hour which is now in its sixth year encourages people to take positive action by turning off your lights for one hour annually on March 31st between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. YouTube is launching a new platform named "I Will If You Will" for Earth Hour 2012, it allows people to challenge others to take environmentally friendly action for the planet. Read the article and watch the video.

How Apps Can Change Your Life

Chad Mureta was a an 18 hour a day real estate agent salesman living from hand to mouth until he had a car crash which mangled his arm and almost killed him. From knowing little or nothing about technology he borrowed some money and created an app for $1800 which eventually created revenue of $800,000. His new book, "App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life and Let Technology Work for You", gives insights on how you can do the same. Read the article and watch the video.

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Choosing a Domain Name: Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes

Your domain name is one of your core points of branding and identity for your business or organisation on the web so it's well worth putting in even a little bit of time and thought in making a decision that you're mostly stuck with for years to come. These few pointers are to help you avoid some of the most common errors.

The Video, Choosing A Domain Name: Essentials to Consider, follows the tips.

Choosing the Wrong Suffix

DotCom (Image: sxc.hu)

Your choice of suffix or Top Level Domain (TLD) extension is key. Generally you can't go too far wrong with .com and to a lesser extent .net or .org, but be extremely wary of oddities like .cc and .co.com due to being uber cheap some of these are heavily associated with spammers and questionable practices. Read more about avoiding risky domain extensions here.

If you're a national business, country specific domains can add to that sense of nationality and locality eg. .fr for France, .co.uk for the UK, .ie for Ireland and so on. But buying .ie and attempting to attract audiences from elsewhere in the world could prove tricky as you're removing a level of trust or familiarity away from the visitor.

Here are some TLD's you may be less familiar with:

  • .com is the leading TLD, but all one word and most two words in the English language are already taken.
  • .biz was created as an alternative for businesses to .com, but is less commonly used these days.
  • .net was originally for networks only, but can be a good option if your .com is not available.
  • .me tend to only be suitable for sites about you, usually resume or CV sites.
  • .edu is restricted to educational institutions and links from these to your site are quite valuable.
  • .gov is similarly restricted but used by government entities in the USA.
  • .info usually indicates information sites, but Google are wary of it as many spammers used to use it .
  • .org is for organisations and often for non-profits and can be suitable if your .com is not available.
  • .mobi focuses on mobile ready or mobile only versions of websites.

Making it Difficult to Spell or Type


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Why You Still Need a Website Not Just a Facebook Page

One thing that we hear occasionally is "why do I need a website these days, can I not just use a Facebook page?". The simple answer is you can do what you like, but if you want to do well, you'd be best investing in a good website, and also having a Facebook page in your arsenal. Why do either when you can do both?

It should be clarified that this is not a Facebook bashing article, I actually quite like FB for social catch ups as well as for business growth and feedback, not to mention chuckling at witty comments and reminding me of birthdays. However context is everything.

Control & Scope


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Web News Round Up – 10th Feb

The Oatmeal - What I want from a restaurant website (click to view full image)

The Oatmeal - What I want from a restaurant website (click to view full image)

Image by Carrot Creative

Twitter is More Addictive than Nicotine: People are more likely to give in to the urge to tweet or check email than other cravings a US study has found, making it more addictive than both alcohol and cigarettes. Could it just be that twitter isn't as obviously costly or damaging to your health?

Beijing Micro Bloggers Must Use Real Name or Be Banned: The Chinese government says all microbloggers in Beijing must post under their real names by March 16 or they'll be banned from the service. The move from the Chinese government is the latest in a series of ways they want to monitor and curtail social media activity in their country.

When the SuperBowl Bored Americans, They Opened Apps: At the less captivating moments of this year's Super Bowl audiences turned to their second screens, you can see clearly which ads and which game play were captivating and hit the mark and which fumbled and dropped the ball.

YouTube Expands Channels Initiative: Last October, Google announced it would begin rolling out over 100 new channels featuring original programming across YouTube, turning the site focus from one-off videos into a major online content destination, two new automotive channels are its latest offering.





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Friday Shorts 16th December

Desert Island

Desert Island Copyright of Xkcd.com

    • What The World's Biggest Websites Looked Like At Launch: It’s hard to imagine but the world beating websites we all love or loath today were once just scribbles on a piece of paper, or the brainchild of a 19-year-old college student. With the help of the Wayback Machine, which provides screenshots of any website imaginable from its inception until now, we can view the original designs and content of the most visited websites in the U.S.
Sample Screenshot of Path

Screenshot of Path Copyright of VentureBeat.com

  • The Path to Make You Want to Delete Facebook: Many now see Facebook as a glorified phone book, chances are you have more than 300-500 'friends'. But Path, a lightweight social networking app, caps the number of friends you can have to a more natural and manageable 150. It's the Dunbar Number — a theoretical limit to the number of connections you can meaningfully track at any time.
  • YouTube Buys Company That Processes Music Royalties: In an effort to streamline its often complex relations with music publishers, YouTube has acquired RightsFlow, an upstart company in New York that processes royalties for the music industry. This move could mean a little or a lot more money for musicians.
  • Paid Search Drives $6 is Local Sales for Every $1 in Online Sales: Paid search has 6:1 impact on offline sales over e-commerce. Only now with the rise of smartphones and other methodologies is online-to-offline tracking becoming more widely available. Approximately 9% of clicks on a paid search ad generated an offline sale, with some reporting up to 26%. It's a fascinating insight into consumer behaviour and a warning to online only retailers, that we haven't all moved away from real world stores just yet.
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