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Review of Enounce MySpeed

MySpeed from Enounce lets you change the playback speed of Flash video without any loss of audio quality. (No chipmunk sound.) It’s like speed-reading for video. It works with all flash streaming video, saves you time, and for me creates greater engagement with video content. It basically allows you to take control of how you want to best view video online.

We often get asked about what tools we use most to enhance our work and time using the web. This is probably the one I use the most. I'll  be using MySpeed at some point every single day that my computer is turned on. Like many great advancements it's surprisingly simple but its impact is immediate and a complete change, moving from one level of passive engagement to more customised and active engagement.

Click bottom right to view on Full Screen, or click 'YouTube' to view on Youtube page with Chapters.

Why I Like to Use MySpeed

Here are a few simple reasons:

  • Reduce the disruption & impact of advertising
  • Speed up video to allow faster consumption, less chance for mind wandering increases concentration
  • Allows Skimming through less important info to focus on more important content
  • At only 1.5 times normal speed, you will save 20 mins on a 60 mins video
  • Slow down to better understand or learn eg slows people speaking too quickly & helpful learning a new language
  • No loss in audio quality, there's no pitch change called 'chipmunking'.

At Enounce MySpeed's home page you can find a free trial for you to test it out yourself.

There's two versions of the product. We've always been content with the standard level which is a very keenly priced $29.99. There's a more intense version but the standard one has always suited our needs. Both are the same price for the Mac or Windows versions and there are free upgrades for life.

For a tool I use everyday it really is extraordinary value. If you're like me, and watch a large volume of streaming video online every week, it might suit how you use the web. The amount of irritating ads I've skipped through but used to have to sit through before MySpeed are numerous. There are countless amounts of training videos that went from good to great simply by improving on the delivery speed and pace thanks to this little gadget.  I can't really recommend it enough and that's why it's my most recommended tool for using the web better.







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Alistair truly believes that a website can be a catalyst to making any idea reality in the 21st Century. You can create all sorts of non-profit and for profit projects take-off with a good website as your launch pad.

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