Research show that one of the biggest factors in predicting whether you'll do something or not, is if you Make A Plan. By working through the 7 Day Website Planning Course, you are greatly increasing the likelihood of finishing your project.

Top 10 Mistakes in Behaviour Change:

By BJ Fogg, Stanford University

1. Relying on Will power for long term change:

Imagine will power doesn't exist, that's step number one to a better future

2. Attempting Big Leaps instead of Baby Steps:

Seek tiny successes one after the other

3. Ignoring How Environment Shapes behaviours

Change your context and change your life

4. Trying to Stop old behaviours instead of Creating New Ones

Focus on Action not Avoidance

5. Blaming Failures on Lack of Motivation

Solution: Make the behaviour easier to do

6. Underestimating the power of triggers

No behaviour happens without a trigger

7. Believing that information leads to Action

We humans aren't so rational. [Beware of Paralysis by Analysis, or to put it another way, “A good plan today is better than a perfect one tomorrow”]

8. Focusing on Abstract Goals Rather than Concrete Behaviours

Abstract: Get in shape. Concrete: Run 15mins a day

9. Seeking to Change a Behaviour Forever not for a Short Time

A fixed period works better than forever. [This is why projects are perfect, they have defined deliverables & an end date]

10. Assuming that Behaviour Change in Difficult

Behaviour Change is not so hard when you have the right process


OK. Now I'd like you to take out your piece of paper and write down the pro's and con's of building your site with SelfAssemblySites. Don't necessarily add them up, each point you think of does not necessarily have the same weighting. A few key questions to start your thinking:


  • How much money will you save by using SelfAssembly Sites in building and maintenance fees?
  • What else can you do with those resources, if they don't go to a website developer?
  • How could a new skill set of being able to build and manage a website be useful to you in the future?


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