Warning WARNING: THIS VIDEO REFERS TO OLDER VERSIONS OF WORDPRESS OR EXTERNAL WEBSITES. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ greatly from when this was recorded.


Add a New Page in WordPress


  • From your Wordpress dashboard, go down the left Menu and under Pages, click Add New
  • On the Add New Page, type in a title in the title box, in our case, Sample Product 1
  • Then in the larger text box below the title, type in your text, or placeholder text
  • In our case, "This is placeholder page for our Sample Product 1"
  • When satisfied, on the right hand side, click the blue Publish button
  • Note: underneath the title you can view the Permalink, which incorporates the title of the page
  • This will be the address of the page on your website
  • Click to View Page or open up a tab with your website to view your homepage
  • Hit refresh and you should see the name of the page appear beside your other pages such as Home
  • Click on it to view the new page, notice it has all the content/text that you put into it
  • We will show you how list a page under other pages in a later video to neaten up your homepage


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