Note This Is A Very Valuable Exercise!


The project plan is largely about setting down in greater detail what you want to do, your Deliverables, and getting as close to reality as possible with what it will require to produce the appropriate standard of those deliverables and in what time scale.

One of the biggest and most beneficial things in doing even a brief project plan is having to examine Assumptions. Putting in just a little time at the start of a project on this, can save you huge amounts of time and hassle further down the line.

The biggest assumptions are frequently your estimations of how long the site might take you to build, or the other side of that same coin, over estimating how long you can invest to build it in an average week or other time frame. Another frequent delay can be in gathering your content together to go into the site, but much of that can be done in parallel with your site building and not necessarily stall it.


Download one of the files below, they're all the same just in different formats. Work through the Mini-Project Plan as well as you're able and get as much info into it as possible. It only has the most basic but crucial elements of project management, but it can clarify exactly what you need to do and deliver, when you will complete tasks and may bring to light some issues, allowing you to sort them out before they become problems.


Click to Download SAS Mini Project Plan (PDF)

When the pdf file appears in the new window, move your cursor to the lower right of the screen and click on the disk icon to download and save the pdf.

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