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How to Build a List of Available Domain Names using Excel, Notepad2 and a domain search tool


  • This is about building a list of Available Domain Names of keywords that are important to your business or organisation
  • Go to, this is the domain name registrar that we use, but others will be much the same
  • Under the Domains heading at the top, you'll find Bulk Domain Search, click it
  • You may notice that namecheap looks different to you than it does in the video
  • A few weeks after shooting this video namecheap updated their design, however all the principles are still relevant
  • For example instead of being able to Bulk Search 30 Domains at once as we state in the video
  • You can now Bulk Search 50 Domains at once, so they've improved that function as well as the new design
  • So we want to search for a lot of different but related Domain names to choose a great option for our site
  • We opened Microsoft Excel, but any Spreadsheet software will do just as well
  • In each cell, we put in each individual word we want to search
  • So in our example "build, a, website, .com", with each word in its own cell
  • Now we used the Drag facility a great deal in this process
  • You click on the cell of the word you want to repeat and copy downward, and grab the little black square in the lower right
  • Hold your mouse button clicked and drag down as far as you want to repeat the cells
  • For us it was 8 cells down
  • In the second column we then changed "a", to other options such as "my", "your","yourown", "the"
  • Then we dragged the cell with "website" down, so we've now created 4 distinct domain name possibilities
  • Then we copy and paste the 2nd column, and in the third column type "site" instead of "website", and drag down
  • We now have 8 unique domain name possibilities
  • Now we're going to type in "building" intead of 'build' in the first column and copy the above block, and paste
  • So now we have 16 unique domain names
  • Next we change 'building' to "make" and repeat the above steps
  • So continuing on we just used Copy and Paste and the spreadsheet's Drag facility
  • Then we changed 'make' to 'making', then 'create' to 'creating', 'develop' and so on
  • If you can't think of other words for your keywords, go to and search your main words for alternatives
  • The .com is the most desired option, but we can research .org too if we wish, this again will double all we've done so far
  • Very quickly you'll have hundreds of options
  • So now you can see how quickly we can have a great deal of choice for domain names
  • Save the Excel file as .CSV meaning Comma Separated Value not as an excel file
  • Don't worry about the warnings, just click through to Save as .csv
  • So open up your Notepad2, if you need to download it click LINK
  • Go to File, then click Open, and locate the ".csv" domain list you just made and click Open
  • Can be easy to find quickly if you just put it on your desktop while using it
  • The list should open up, with loads of commas separating each word instead of the cells separating them
  • Now go to Edit, and click the second last option Replace
  • In the Search String box, type in a comma ","
  • Leave the Replace With box blank, and click Replace All
  • Click the Ok button to continue if asked, then if the box is still there click Close
  • Now go up to File, and click Save As, "domain-names.txt"
  • So you now have a list of Domain Names in text format to search ready to be copied and pasted
  • Now we have to check for availability, so go back to's Bulk Domain Search
  • Copy and paste 50 at a time into Namecheap Bulk Domain Search and click the Search button
  • For quite popular names don't be shocked to find most names Taken, that's precisely why we do this exercise
  • To discover a few great domain name options that are available
  • When you find options that are available, open up a new Notepad file and copy and paste them in
  • Repeat the copying and pasting from your long list of suggestions into the Bulk Search, pasting into your new file any available
  • And with each new set of results copy and paste the available options into the new Available Domains file
  • When you've searched your 200 or so options, click File and Save As and save it as Available-Domains.txt
  • This process may take a few minutes but can be well worth it in choosing a great domain name
  • In our example we had a list of 60 or so available Domains, from an initial 200, all coming from just a few keywords

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