Warning WARNING: THIS VIDEO REFERS TO OLDER VERSIONS OF WORDPRESS OR EXTERNAL WEBSITES. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ greatly from when this was recorded.
Note NameCheap changed their website design a couple of weeks after we recorded this video! Their new site looks slightly different than it does in this video, but the basics are all remain the same - you can still follow this video.


Buying a Domain Name (NameCheap.com)

NB: These instructions are for if you don't have a domain name and need to register one.


  • Go to Domain Registrar: we use Namecheap
  • Check Domain is Available
  • Check .com and .net or .org boxes as appropriate to your needs
  • If your choice is not available search again
  • If it is available make your selection, hit Add to Cart
  • Google "Namecheap Coupon" and enter the result in Coupon Code box, hit Apply Coupon
  • (This is NOT a crucial step and can be left out)
  • With or without a Coupon, ensure your details are correct and click Express Checkout
  • If you have an account sign in. If you don't sign up for an account, button on lower right
  • Ensure your domain name spelling is correct, as is the price
  • We suggest you allow the WhoIsGuard for greater anonymity
  • Click your preferred method of payment and hit Proceed to Secure Payment
  • Confirm detail and hit Proceed button on Bottom Left
  • Wait while they register your domain
  • Review the Summary page and hit continue. You have just successfully registered your domain
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