Create a Link on a Page


  • One thing you may want to do on your website is to create a link from one page to another
  • On the WordPress dashboard click to go into the Pages screen
  • Find the relevant page, in our case Home, and just under the word when you hover the mouse Edit will appear
  • Click it to Edit the page
  • In a separate tab or window, locate the page which you want to link to, and copy the url address
  • Go back to your outbound link text, in the Edit Page page
  • Find and select/highlight the relevant word or phrase where you wish to have the outbound link
  • Go to the text box control panel above and click the icon that looks like a Chain, this is the Link icon
  • In the pop up window, in the link url, paste in the page address you want to link to, that you just copied
  • Then click the Insert button. When you're brought back to the Edit page, click the blue Update button
  • Then click to View Page
  • You should see the text, in which you placed the link, coloured and underlined, click it
  • It should bring you to the specified outbound link address

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