Warning WARNING: THIS VIDEO REFERS TO OLDER VERSIONS OF WORDPRESS OR EXTERNAL WEBSITES. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ greatly from when this was recorded.


Customise Default TwentyTen WordPress Theme


  • We're looking at how to customise the look and feel of TwentyTen
  • TwentyTen is the default theme or template, that comes with your Wordpress installation
  • Go into your wordpress dash board, scroll down the left hand side to an option called Appearance
  • If it isn't expanded, expand it with the little arrow to the right of the word 'Appearance'
  • Click the Themes option
  • If you look at themes you'll see the Current Theme is TwentyTen. There is an option to install new themes, but we'll cover that later
  • Now, look at the Background, fourth button down in the Appearance list
  • In the Background control page, play with the Display Options and hit the Select a Colour button
  • Click the outer ring to get a general colour then different gradients of that colour in the square.
  • Experiment and play. You can note the colour code of colours to come back to them later if you wish
  • Select one and when content, click Save Changes button
  • Now view your main page and click refresh to bring up the colour change you made
  • If you wish you can add a background image that repeats (handy for logos /patterns or other symbols)
  • Go to the Background section, and click Browse button to locate the image
  • When selected, click Open, then Upload
  • When uploaded, it should show you what it looks like on the page
  • Go back to your website page, and hit refresh to view how it looks on your site
  • You can find clip art at clipartof.com or iStockphoto.com, where you can buy images for commercial use for low prices
  • For non-commerical use there are other options.
  • Experiment with different options until you find one you particularly like
  • Click Header, under the Appearance list on the left
  • There are different options below you can choose, click the box beside the sample image and hit Save Changes
  • Refresh your website page to view the change
  • You can also create and upload your own image, of the stated dimensions, from Photoshop, Paint.net or MS Paint, or other image software
  • Many use a variation on their logo or their colours for the Header
  • This is a very handy way of changing the feel of the site without having to change to theme, or make theme more unique and your own
  • The other option is you can just remove the Header altogether. Just click Remove Header Image and click Save Changes
  • Feel free to play and experiment with all of these options until you achieve something you're happy with

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