Note NOTE: This video refers to older versions of WordPress or external websites. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ slightly from when this was recorded.


Editing Website Footer (Using Widgets)


  • In this module we're going to look at the Footer of your Website & some of it's uses
  • The Footer is the area at the very bottom of the webpage
  • Look at as one example of how to use a footer, they've legal info/ links & impressive graphic
  • Others have two tier footer, with Contact information, links, legal info & a news update probably from a blog
  • You can have a larger footer, containing an About statement, RSS feed & newsletter sign up box
  • So from your WordPress dashboard, on the left under Appearance, click Widgets
  • On the Widgets page, there should be several different footer areas, first footer, second footer etc on the right
  • You can experiment how you like, in this case we dragged Text bar and dropped it in the First Footer box
  • Type some simple demonstration text in and hit Save, go to the live page and hit refresh to view
  • In the second footer, we placed Recent Posts
  • In the third footer area we added a Search Box, in the fourth a Calendar
  • Note: You can put multiple pieces of info into each footer area or column

Some suggestions for worthwhile things to put in the footer:

  • About or Contact Information
  • A Simple Contact Form
  • A Link to the Top of the Page
  • Latest Blog Posts or Comments
  • Legal Information
  • A Link to Full Site Map
  • Links to related websites
  • Badge or Logo of an Associated or Affiliated Group or Federation

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