Note NOTE: This video refers to older versions of WordPress or external websites. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ slightly from when this was recorded.


Get Ideas from your Competitors, both Positive & Negative:

-If you already know your top competitors bring up their websites

-If you don’t, google some keywords that you would hope your visitors would use to find you

2 Separate Areas to Look out for in Both Negative and Positive Ways:

The First Area To Be Aware of on a site is the Look, Layout, Colours and Design;

  1. How is the logo positioned? Do you like the logo design and colours?
  2. How is the text & imagery spaced? Too tight /too roomy?  What’s the effect of the spacing?
  3. How many columns are there?
  4. Is there a side bar to the right or left? What’s the ratio to the width of the page?
  5. Is there a footer at the base of the main page? Do the colours/design match the header or not?
  6. What are the mix of colours? Are they related or opposed to the logo/company colours?
  7. What are the main pages? What are the sub pages in the layout?
  8. Choose another page. What’s different and what’s stays the same as the home page?

Second area to consider is Content:
  1. If there’s a side bar how is it used, what’s in it?
  2. If there’s a footer how is it used?
  3. How are images used on the site: Add motion, add colour, what do they infer?
  4. Do they include a blog? Is it updated regularly?
  5. Do they have testimonials? Full names or reduced, with photos, or video testimonials?
  6. Is there a clear call to action, or are there several? Is it clear or confused?
  7. Do they have any email/newsletter sign up box?
  8. Do they have social media icons, facebook or twitter signups?
Over all Impression, in Looks, then Content: Now Relate it to the Site You Will Build:
  1. What are some adjectives that come to mind, to describe their site? Does it match yours?
  2. What sort of things did you like? Or might like to include in your site?
  3. What did you dislike and want to avoid on your site?
  4. Do you feel you’re doing something a little different in your field? How can you better get that differentiation across to your ideal customers/users on your site?

Go through this exercise with as many of your competitors as you like, we’d ideally recommend about 6 to kick off, that will give you a good feel for what others are doing.

As you’re browsing through the web, what are some of your favourite big or small websites doing that impressed you, that your competitors aren’t doing? What can you borrow from other fields outside your own?

What can you add to what they’re doing?

What can you take away, that might be unnecessary?


We’re presuming here that you have an accurate idea of what you provide and what your users or customers want. In the members’ area we’ll go into more detail about how to gather more accurate information on your potential targets needs, wants and how they express them. Some of this info can be highly enlightening, and with relevant tweaking can greatly increase your online success.

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