The Dip & the Dunning-Kruger Effect:

As explained in the video, the dip is a natural and fairly envitable occurance in any project, learning experience or relationship. What might shine more light on this is the Dunning-Kruger effect, named after it's professors in Cornell University. In plain speaking, it says that those without knowledge overestimate their own ability, (as they've only a light understanding of the subject matter). Experts often underestimate their own skill (as they incorrectly think the average understanding or ability of others is higher than it is), or to quote it's authors, “Thus, the miscalibration of the incompetent [beginner] stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others”

A relationship, like a project, can be a good example of the unveiling of a more accurate picture of reality. When you meet someone and enter into a relationship, there is that 'honeymoon period', where you're getting to know them, all is wonderful and exciting. The reality is, although you're getting to know that person, you don't know them as well as you think. The gaps in your knowledge of their behaviour are filled like the blind spot in your eye, the surrounding image is averaged to conceal the hole. Added to this, in relationships it is not just what you think they're like from earlier experiences of them, but also what you wish them to be. Then the mist starts to clear and you realise they're not quite the person you thought they were.  Many don't even realise, that person often hasn't changed, but that their perspective was inaccurate.  Hopefully there's still enough affection for the more real version and the relationship will grow into another phase, if not it will end.

When you start to learn something, you learn fast, and the simplest version of what you're learning is exposed to you, so you become confident and sometimes even cocky. Then things suddenly get more difficult and you're not as much of a natural as you were earlier, and doubt and frustration can set in. This can be accompanied by procrastination or quitting. This is the Dip of which we spoke earlier. But this is really just the truer reality of what you're doing coming home to you. So the more aware you are of this process that the Dip or multiple dips are coming, and that you know what they are due to the Dunning Kruger effect, you'll be able to deal with this clearer reality and not be stunned into inaction by it, move through the dip faster and finish your project.

Humility is a great ally here. Because you're aware that things get more difficult and your progress will not rise in a straight line on a graph, but race forward and then slow, and race forward again, you'll be better equipped and prepared for brief setbacks.

WordPress is a beautifully simple and logical system for both techies and non-techies alike to gain great value from, and build great websites with. It is intuitive and you'll surprise yourself how fast you can do it, but it still has tremendous power, with which comes an element of complexity. Don't loose heart when things have been easy and all of a sudden they're more challenging, that just means you're really making progress!


On your piece of paper, write down the Benefits that this project will bring you.

You should already have some of the objective reasons written in your project plan. That justifies the project's existence on its own merits. Here, I want you to list out more personalised benefits.  This clarifies why YOU are doing this in the first place and all the benefits it will bring to YOU.

This clarity will help you through times when you're making the odd mistake and not sure why, the moments when something just isn't working for you and you can't work out why, the times when you're getting very frustrated and having doubt. It will help you to lean into those Dips because you know they're only temporary and that the whole process in fundamentally worthwhile to you. Getting through those Dips is an indicator that you're moving from a novice, closer to becoming an expert.


SAS Mini Project Plan (PDF)

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