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In the previous exercise you wrote out some initial thoughts on the look, design and layout of your website as well as some basic ideas for content, as inspired by your competition research.  Now we're going to get some text and images together so you can start to get a better picture of how your own site will appear.

If you have text and images ready to go which you know you want and need on your site that's great.  If not, no problem, we can get some sample images.

For the text you can use a Lorem Ipsum generator if you wish. You can use this to fill the web pages with the approximate amount of text you'll have upon opening your site. But it's better to attempt to write a first draft of the text areas on your different pages.  It doesn't have to be perfect but it's better to get something down, even if you fill the rest of it with filler text. You can come back to it again later, improving and amending, but for now the purpose is to see how the prototype will look.

Open a folder for your site content. Name it Site Name Content. Get out a word file or a notepad window and write down some basic text for the different pages on your site. Even just to write some key bullet points you think will be necessary to flesh out, for each page.


If you have images that are yours that are for your site, that's fantastic. Go ahead and use the real ones. As the more accurate your mock-up is to the finished product the better. Should you not have the real images, don't worry about copyright issues if you're borrowing them from Google image searches or stock photo websites. In that case, they won't be on your active and publicly open website. They are just place-holders, until you get the real replacements.

Warning: Do not continue to use images that you are unlicensed to use on your website, once its active and open.

Now open that folder for your website content again. This time save some useful or similar images that you reckon you'll need on the finished site. In your layout, where will you most likely need images? (You can go back to where you sketched out your site earlier).

What will those images depict or illustrate?


A Lorem Ipusm Generator for some place holder text.

iStockPhoto for some sample images for your website.

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