Google Apps - Change Logo


  • Here we're going to show you how to customise the look and feel of your google apps, your email and calender
  • So if you have a preferred colour scheme or want to change the Gmail logo in the top left to your own
  • Go to the top of the screen to the right, Manage This Domain
  • Then across the header options go to Domain Settings & lastly go to Appearance
  • If you wish to change the header logo, click the circle box beside it and hit the Browse button
  • When you have located your logo file, which must be in PNG or GIF & 143x59 pixels, click Upload
  • You can choose to tick the box or leave blank, to Show Logo on all Sites That Users Create
  • You can alter the size of your logo in MS Paint, or Photoshop
  • You can also change the Sign In Box Colour, to better reflect your preferences or Logo colour
  • Log out and then Log in again to fully view changes


If you need to know how to resize an image, this video will assist you: Tools: Image Editor

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