Warning WARNING: THIS VIDEO REFERS TO OLDER VERSIONS OF WORDPRESS OR EXTERNAL WEBSITES. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ greatly from when this was recorded.


Installing WordPress (One-Click Install)


  • Installing WordPress Using a One Click Script
  • This is Bluehost specific but general principles apply to other hosting providers
  • If you search your hosts help section it should have instructions on how to do the installation
  • So on the Bluehost control panel we scroll down the page to Software/Services section
  • You'll see the WordPress icon, double click it
  • This will redirect you to Simple Scripts
  • There's some instructions and information there, simply click the bottom left green Install button
  • Next page we have a few options, we can install with or without the 'www', with is usually better
  • Under Step 2 Advanced Options, click the blue Click Here To Display
  • Under Give Your Site a Name, type it in, in our case, Self Assembly Sites
  • Click the box to Generate a Random Generated User Name and Password
  • And leave the box ticked to automatically create a new Database
  • Under Step 3, Legal Information, click the box to comply
  • Hit the green Complete button and the bottom of the page
  • Wait for the install to happen, then click to open your Log in and your homepage in separate windows
  • At your homepage you should see the basic site installed with the default theme and your site name
  • Copy the Admin User Name and Password they setup, go to your login page
  • Type admin in the username box (if that's your username), and paste your password in the password box
  • Hit the blue Log In button
  • And here you should see the wordpress dashboard as normal
  • Note: There may be a number of default plugins included in your installation with the one click install
  • You can activate, delete or deactivate these by going into Plugins on the left menu
  • You can activate, delete or deactivate any of these by clicking the relevant box and clicking the desired action


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