Note NOTE: This video refers to older versions of WordPress or external websites. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ slightly from when this was recorded.


Installing WordPress Themes Using FTP


  • In one of the previous videos we looked at how to install themes directly from the website
  • This was using the built in installer on the wordpress admin
  • This time we're going to show you how to download a Theme to your computer and upload it with FTP
  • So in this example we searched google for a theme called Thematic
  • You can download a free or premium theme from themeforest, woo themes, or other theme providing sites
  • For our example we went to and clicked the Download button
  • This allows you to download a Zip file. Click Save File, Ok & the download should begin
  • When it's downloaded, right click the item in the download box and click Open Containing Folder
  • Open up the zip file and extract it. Now open Filezilla & connect to your site
  • In the right window, representing your site on the server, double click into Public Html
  • The Wp_Content and then into Themes. You should see your default theme TwentyTen in this folder
  • If you look at the address on the Remote Site it should say: "/public_html/wp_content/themes"
  • Under your Local Site, to the left, locate your downloaded unzipped Theme, in our case Thematic
  • Ensure to choose the unzipped version rather than the compressed zipped version
  • Right click the folder, in our case Thematic, and click Upload
  • You should see the relevant data and the bottom of the screen indicating it's uploading
  • The folder should appear in the Themes folder on the Remote Site
  • When that's finished go back to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to the Manage Themes page, it's located under the Appearance heading on the left side bar
  • If you're already on the Manage Themes page, ensure to hit refresh
  • Your newly loaded theme should appear, in our case Thematic
  • You can view a preview of the theme, or simply click to Activate it which we did
  • View your main site and hit refresh to see your new Theme active and in place
  • The new design should be there instantly
  • This is particularly useful if you are buying commercial themes from ThemeForest or WooThemes
  • Note: the placement of some items may be moved or removed, depending on theme layout

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