Making Parent and Child Pages in WordPress


  • On your Wordpress dashboard, click on Pages, Add New
  • We called our new page, Sample Product 2, but you can call it something more relevant to you
  • Type is some place holder text, or if you have the real text ready, copy and paste that in
  • Hit the big blue Publish button on the right
  • View your publically viewable website page and hit refresh to see the new tab appear
  • Now, in this case, we want Sample Product 2 to be a sub-page or child page of Products
  • So we're going to make the Product page a Parent page of Sample Product 2
  • Go back to the Edit Page screen again for Sample Product 2
  • On the right side, under the Publish button, go to the drop down list box under Parent
  • Choose the relevant folder you want to become the Parent Page, in this case Products
  • Click the blue Update button, and go back to your page, hit refresh to view
  • You'll see that now, your chosen page has been made a child to a parent page

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