Note NOTE: This video refers to older versions of WordPress or external websites. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ slightly from when this was recorded.


Modifying Website Sidebar (Using Widgets)


  • Now we're going to look at Sidebars on websites, what they're used for and how to create and edit them
  • For example view
  • They use the side bar to list all the pages on the site, basically a site map and a search box
  • In, the sidebar contains various buttons to subscribe to the blog with different channels
  • It also contains Titles and links to popular blog posts, recent comments
  • Even google search results have a sidebar on left containing links to news & images etc
  • They also have a sidebar on right with Adwords publicity and maps
  • On our own sample site the default theme puts some content in the Sidebar
  • So to change this and customise it to our needs, we go to the Dashboard and click Widgets under Appearances
  • In the default TwentyTen theme, the widgets area is already set up with Primary and Secondary Widget Area
  • These allow you to drag and drop various items onto the widget area and that displays what you want it to
  • In our example, we dragged Pages over and dropped it in Primary Widget Area
  • You can give it a title, such as Site Navigation and hit the blue Save button
  • View the website and hit refresh and you'll see the Sidebar change to list all the website pages
  • If you want to change the title from Site Navigation to Site Map, do so in the title bar and hit Save
  • Refresh the page and the change will be visible
  • You can sort by Page Title, or you can exclude pages from the list
  • To do this, bring up the page you're looking in the Edit window and in it's Url you should see a number
  • Put this in the lower box, if there are several page, type them in with commas and hit Save
  • If you add the Akismet widget, it will display the amount of spam comments it's blocked
  • You can show recent posts, or recent comments to show a list of those
  • You can add a search form which is quite popular
  • You can also add text in. You can easily alter the order of the widgets by dragging and dropping them
  • If you want to save a widget, in our example a text note, you can drag it from the list into the Inactive Widgets list
  • This is particularly handy if you have a widget you only need intermittently and don't want to redo it every time
  • There's a more advanced way of editing the Sidebar by editing the theme file, that will be covered in another video

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