Press This


  • Here we're going to illustrate a simple but very cool and useful little tool called Press This
  • So scroll down the dashboard to the Tools section
  • Under the Tools section should be Press This page
  • Click on the piece of highlighted text that says Press This
  • Drag it to your bookmarks bar of your browser, dropping it on the line above your address bar
  • Now open a tab with a blog post or page of interest, that you can use to test Press This
  • Highlight some of the text, a paragraph or two of interst
  • Now go to your bookmarks bar, and click Press This
  • A pop-up box should appear with the selected text in a text box, that looks like WordPress
  • Notice that it has the title of the page, a link to the original blog post and the selected text
  • You can also select a category in which to post this, for example News
  • When ready, click the blue Publish button
  • Go back to your blog post page
  • You should see a new blog post with title, text and a link to it's source
  • When you do press this you can of course add your own text and comments
  • Press This allows you to quote from great sources and react to what's on the web quickly and easily

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