Note NOTE: This video refers to older versions of WordPress or external websites. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ slightly from when this was recorded.


How to publish a blog post


  • This is about How to Add a New Blog Post to your website
  • From the Dashboard of your site, on the menu down the left, under Posts click Add New button
  • On the Add New Page, write a title, and then type the body text of you blog post
  • You can use bold, italic or other things similar to Word or other writing programs
  • When you've written what you need, tick any relevant category boxes on right. Then click Publish
  • Note: if you're not finished or wish to add more later before publication, click Save Draft
  • But for this example we'll click the blue Publish button
  • Go to your Blog page as the public will see it, and hit refresh, you should see your new post appear
  • There is a second way of publishing a blog post
  • When on the WordPress dashboard, on the right you'll see Quick Press
  • In the Quick Press window you can type your tite, blog text, and tags and publish directly from the dashboard
  • There's not quite the same about of options and functionality as on the blog post page, just the basics
  • That's 2 ways to publish a blog post on your WordPress site


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