Think of building your website in terms of several different versions. You may see software is often built this way. They make Version 1.0 to get it out the door. Then they think about it, listen to feedback and fix problems, make new improvements and innovations they hadn’t thought of and plenty of things they wanted to do but that weren’t urgent enough for the first version.

The small increments of improvements go into Versions 1.2 and 1.3. Then when there’s a really big leap they might call it 2.0. It can be a good idea to think of your website like this. If you want that High Spec, Powerful Website from the graph, worth more than $4,000 we will help you build it. But most organisations need a website sooner rather than later. Think of the $4000 website as Your Site Version 4.0. So looking at the graph think of your basic 6 page site, as your Simple Effective Website with the most crucial core message and info as Version 1.0.

Some members want to be continually and gradually growing and improving their site’s functionality and content. Others prefer to do it in bursts. A big push over a weekend, then leave it for month or more, then return and make another big push having built up a wealth of ideas on how they want to enhance their site, through their own observations, through feedback from their site users, their colleagues, or their piers on the SelfAssemblySites Members’ Forum.

The more you put into your website, the more you get out.


Now, in addition to your Project Plan, write down and clarify what will go in each evolution of your website. Version 1.0 is your Simple Effective Website as seen in the graph. What is the minimum basic deliverables needed for you to start off?

That will be your initial project and when you've completed that, that distinct project is finished. Congratulations! But the website can keep growing and improving, however regularly or irregularly you wish to enhance it, whether adhoc or with a new project with it's own specific objectives. It's a good idea to write down in whatever level of detail is comfortable, what upgrades and advances you'd like to make in future versions of your website. Have a think about it. Write them down on your project plan and give the Version a number eg, Version 1.5 or 2.0

Often people start with simple static pages and progress to include more interaction and multi-media. This can include things such as Sharing or Social Media plugins, or tools more suited to your field, such as a mortgage adviser having a tool of a mortgage calculator on their site. But you can simply improve your website by just writing the occasional blog post or article, or posting links to articles or embed videos of relevance to your website visitors.

Write down a few small things you can do occasionally or regularly, to add to your viewers enjoyment of your site

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