Note NOTE: This video refers to older versions of WordPress or external websites. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ slightly from when this was recorded.


How to Tidy Up WordPress Post-Install:

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Tidy Up WordPress
  • After we install WordPress there's a couple of things that we like to tidy up
  • These small changes can make a site look more professional very quickly
  • If you view your home page, there's plenty of things here which we can change
  • For example removing the meta information and the uncategorised category on the right sidebar
  • Also we'll remove the comments and the hello world blog post
  • So from your dashboard go to Posts on the left menu, which will bring you to the Posts Page
  • Click to Edit the Hello World post
  • The post title and body text should appear in the edit page
  • Highlight the Title 'Hello World', and hit delete, type in another title such as 'Getting Ready for Launch'
  • Then delete the body text of the post in the text box and type in some text that's more specific to you
  • For our example we said 'hello, SelfAssemblySites is getting ready for launch, please check back
  • here again soon', so it's a little more relevant to us and our situation and more friendly
  • Also if you notice the permalink, below the Title, click Edit
  • Now type in it's place something more related to the Title, such as Website-Launch and hit enter
  • The permalink is the Url or the location of the page, and is found in the address bar of your browser
  • By having a clearer permalink it allows the location to be more easily read by people and google searches
  • Go back to your homepage where Hello World was and hit refresh
  • It should disappear and the Getting Ready for Launch should appear in its place
Tidying Up the Categories [2:02mins]
  • On the left menu of the dashboard, under Posts you'll see Categories, click the link
  • If you can't see Categories, click the small arrow beside Posts, to drop down the list in the Posts folder
  • Under Add New Category, type in News, scroll down the screen and hit Save Category
  • Now go back to the original post by clicks Posts on the left menu bar
  • Choose to Edit the post 'Getting Ready for Launch' by clicking Edit by the post
  • On the right hand side you'll notice Categories section, uncheck or untick the Uncategorized box
  • Now check or tick the News box and click the blue Update button above it
  • If you go back to your publicly viewable posts page and click refresh
  • You'll see it's now categorized in News rather than uncategorized
  • Now go to the dashboard and click Writing, it can be found under Settings
  • Beside Default Post Category select from the drop down list, News
  • Also can be a good idea to click to Convert the Emoticons to off so uncheck the box
  • Scroll down, under Remote Publishing, tick the box beside XML-RPC
  • This allows you to potentially make blog posts from mobile phones and other devices
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes
  • Then go to your Homepage and click refresh
Tidying Up Unwanted Comments [3:43mins]
  • So go back to your dashboard, click on Comments in the left menu bar
  • You should see the comment from Mr Wordpress appear
  • Simple click the Trash button below it and it will be deleted
  • Again refresh you homepage and the unwanted comment will disappear
Changing the Admin Name: [4:16mins]
  • You may notice that in the top right hand corner of your dashboard it says hello Admin etc etc
  • What we want to do now is change that to something more relevant and personal as it appears on posts
  • From you dashboard click Users on the left menubar
  • Click to Edit the Admin User, just under user name
  • The Profile page should come up, you can type in your first and last name
  • you can put in your Website address if you wish, we did in the example
  • Scroll down and click Update Profile
  • Beside Display Name Publicly As, drop down the list to select the name to appear beside posts
  • When content, scroll down and click Update Profile
  • Now go back to view the homepage and click refresh
  • You'll see the post is now by the name you just specified and not the admin user name
Remove Comments Box from Normal Pages [5:20mins]
  • You'll see that at present there's a comment box on most pages
  • This often isn't appropriate for most types of websites except maybe blogs so we want to remove that
  • From your dashboard, go down to Pages and click it
  • Beside Title, you'll see a box, check or tick it, and you'll see all below have been ticked/checked
  • In the dropdown list box, choose Bulk Actions and then Edit
  • This allows you to make changes to all the pages at one time
  • So choose Comments, and drop the list down and choose Do Not Allow and click Update
  • If we go out and click Refresh, you'll see the Comment Box has been removed
  • They'll still be there on the blog posts though


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