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Tools - Agent Ransack (search)


  • Agent Ransack searches inside files
  • Google Agent Ransack & it should come up as the first result
  • Click the Download link just under the first google result
  • On the MythicSoft download page of Agent Ransack, click Download either 32 or 64 bit
  • When downloaded, double click Agent Ransack in the download window
  • Click Run, click to agree with the licence agreement, click next, next again and Install
  • Click the box beside Launch Agent Ransack and hit Finish
  • Agent Ransack should pop up for you
  • In the Containing Text box, you can enter any text from of a file you're searching for
  • It can help to reduce the search if you have an idea which folders the information might be in
  • You can choose the folders on the right hand side and with the folder icon, to narrow the search area to Subfolders
  • When you've input your search text & your Subfolders, hit Start at the right of the program window
  • The file name results will appear in the left window, and the overall search statistics on the right
  • When you click a filename on the left, the files contents will appear in the right window
  • This is very handy if you're searching through text files, for lines of code, or for parts of long word documents

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