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Tools - Foxit PDF Reader


  • This handy little tool is for reading Pdf Documents
  • Go to and type in Foxit Reader
  • Click on the first link of the results
  • Go to the third tab across the top of the page and click the Download link
  • Scroll down the page until you see the heading Foxit Reader and click the top and latest version
  • Confirm to Save File and double click to Install the Foxit Reader
  • Click to Accept the Terms of the Licensing Agreement, then hit the Next button
  • This is one of those tricky things about the software
  • You have to be very careful not to allow changes their advertisers want you to make
  • So UnTick or UnCheck, the box beside Make Ask my Default Browser
  • Untick and Uncheck the box beside, Set Ask as My Home Page
  • Make sure to click the DECLINE button NOT the accept button
  • If you click the accept button it will still do the two actions above anyway, so click DECLINE
  • In the next window we went through the custom setup
  • You can do too, or can try the default setup
  • When you've chosen where you want to put Foxit Reader, click Next
  • In the Desktop Setting Section we unticked all 3 options
  • The only thing we left ticked was Install for All Users, but you can tick which ever you want
  • Click Next when ready to move on
  • We left Enable Safe Reading Mode checked as it's a good security measure, click Next
  • We left Run Foxit Reader and Make it your Default Pdf Reader ticked and unticked the other options
  • Click Finish to finally move on
  • So not that's Foxit PDF Reader installed and ready to read Pdfs

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