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Tools - Notepad2


  • A more advanced text editor than the one that comes with Windows can come in very handy
  • Especially for things such as advanced Search and Replace
  • The free software we're going to get is Notepad2
  • Go to google and type in the search bar Notepad2
  • scroll down till you find the link "",
  • Alternatively you can simply copy and paste that address from here into your address bar
  • Either way, open that page
  • Notepad2 from Florian Balmer is the original version, but these version has some key improvements
  • Scroll down the dark page to the bottom, where you'll find the 32-bit Windows Install
  • Click to "Download Custom Build", click to Save File
  • When downloaded, double click the icon in your downloads popup window
  • That's in Firefox, in other browsers it could appear across the bottom of the browser screen
  • Now Notepad2 should be installed
  • This little program tends to show up in quite a number of later videos as it's so handy and quick loading
  • There are many other text editors but Notepad2, we'd highly recommend

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