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Tools - Search Everything


  • This is an extremely handy tool for locating files on your computer quickly
  • In google, type in "Search Everything"
  • "Search Everything Engine" should be number 1 on the list
  • Under "" in green, click the blue "Download" text link
  • Click the first option, in the Download Everything for Windows option
  • It should end with .exe
  • Click to Save File
  • When your download box says to it's downloaded, click to Install
  • In the Install Wizard Click "Next"
  • It's advised to accept the default but feel free to change some of the settings
  • Hit "Next" when ready.
  • If the location is what you want it to be, Click "Install"
  • Then Click "Finish"
  • It should start up automatically when done
  • It will take a few minutes to scanning through your harddrive/harddrives
  • It's reading in your file allocation table, so you can find any file name quickly
  • Type in any file name, or part of the name to get all related results
  • This is a hugely helpful and time saving tool in finding files

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