Warning WARNING: THIS VIDEO REFERS TO OLDER VERSIONS OF WORDPRESS OR EXTERNAL WEBSITES. While the general principles demonstrated may remain the same, specific details may differ greatly from when this was recorded.


How to Find, Install and Configure Twitter Goodies (now WP Twitter) for WordPress


  • In another video we showed you how to add social networking tools to WordPress
  • Now we're going to show you how to add Twitter tools for Wordpress
  • These can enhance your sidebar or your website footer
  • From your dashboard under Plugins, click Add New
  • In the Search box, type in Twitter and click Search Plugins
  • There will be hundreds of results found
  • The one we use in this example is Twitter Goodies which is usually top, if not search Twitter Goodies
  • When located, click Install Now and confirm by clicking Ok
  • When installed, click to Activate Plugin
  • When activated, scroll down the dashboard again, and click Twitter Goodies, at the end of the Settings section
  • In the Twitter Goodies settings, there's plenty of options to change or exclude things
  • There's an option to include the tweet button, when clicked it allows viewers to tweet about your site or page
  • The number beside or below the tweet button indicates how many times it's been tweeted
  • In the fourth option Button Style you can choose, no number, or the number beside or above the button
  • The float left/ float right option, you should leave unless you're very familiar with CSS
  • Put in your Twitter Username where requested, so all visitor tweets can be attributed to you
  • If you don't have a twitter account you can set one up at www.twitter.com
  • Click to Update Options, go back out and refresh the page to notice the changes
  • Now you should see the newly added tweet button beside you're blog post
  • If you're site visitor click on that, it pops up a window for them
  • It automatically adds the title of your post, it adds a shortened link to it, and your twitter user name
Setting Up the Twitter Tools Profile Widget [Video Time 3:28]
  • Go back to the Twitter Tools setup page and go to the next section down, the Profile Widget
  • Type in your Twitter User Name in the relevant space and click Update Options
  • Now we've giving it the settings to use, but haven't told it where to display
  • Go into Widgets on the left menubar, located under Appearance
  • In the Widgets area, locate the Twitter Goodies Profile Widget
  • Drag and Drop it into the Primary Widget area on the right sidebar. You can move it else where later if you want
  • Click the blue Save button and go back out and refresh the website
  • You should see the Twitter Goodies widget in the right sidebar
  • It'll show the icon and name from your Twitter feed, and a list of your latest tweets
  • It may be too wide, or need customisation so go back into the settings of Twitter Goodies
  • Under Widget width, use trial and error to get it right, we found 220 right for us, click Update Options everytime
  • You can customise the colour of the background, the surround, the standard text or link text to suit your site
  • The title of the widget in default is set to Twitter Goodies, we changed ours to Our Latest Tweets
  • We also chose to check to hide the 'Twitter Goodies by...' link, just above the Update Options button
Adding and Setting Up the Twitter Search Widget [Video Time 6:56mins]
  • Lastly there's the Twitter Tools Search Widget in the Twitter Tools settings page
  • Add your twitter search screen query. So if your site is about Ferraris you could type that in
  • You can change the search title to something more relevant
  • We chose to left search caption blank but you can put something suitable in
  • And you can give the Widget a title in Widget Title
  • You can also change the width to the same as the previous widget, and the colours also
  • Click to Update Options when ready
  • Go back into Widgets and drag the Twitter Goodies Search Widget to the sidebar, under the Profile Widget
  • You can swap them round if you wish by simply dragging and dropping
  • If you refresh you page once again, you can now see the search widget display results for 'Ferraris'
  • It does a live search for the term specified and displays results on the widget
  • This can be handy for highlighting news in your field or area

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