Note You will need Filezilla or another FTP Client to implement this video


Updating WordPress via FTP


  • Go to, there will be a big blue button allowing you to download the latest Version
  • Click to Save File and Hit "Ok"
  • Right Click file in download box, to "Open in Containing Folder"
  • UnZip using 7-Zip and Click "Extract Here" (you should have 7-zip from Tools You'll Need, if not Download It)
  • Open the unzipped folder, "Wordpress"
  • Run FileZila and connect to your domain, you wish to update
  • Click on the folder with the name of your domain under the right hand "Remote Site" list
  • Bring up your new wordpress folder on the left window, and the old version on the remote right window
  • Right click on the highlighted Wordpress files in the left window and choose "Upload" top option
  • Select "Overwrite" in the popup window and hit "ok"
  • May take a few minutes to upload
  • When uploaded, go back to your Wordpress dashboard and hit refresh on your browser
  • Update notice should disappear
  • Check the Updates section, you may need to update Plugins
  • Click box to select all plugins and hit the "Update Plugins" button
  • Type in your password and it will begin updating
  • Go back to the dashboard and check everything is up to date

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