Note This video is for Windows Vista/Windows 7 only.


View File Extensions - this video shows you how to enable file extension display on Windows Vista and Windows 7. This is sometimes necessary if you want to change or rename files (required in some of our more advanced videos).


  • This will show you how to display the file extensions on files
  • It's specific for Windows PC systems
  • So if you've got a Windows Pc and it's not showing the file extension, for example on text file it's .txt
  • Press the Start button on your desktop, then click Control Panel
  • Then Appearance and Personalisation, then go into folder options
  • You should be on the General tab at top left of the pop-up box, now choose the View tab
  • Look down the list of ticked boxes for Hide Extensions for Known File Types, probably is ninth from the top
  • Untick that box, so the box is without a tick
  • Click Apply below, then Ok
  • Now you can see in our example you can now see the file extension on the sample text file, ending .txt
  • This is particularly useful if using FTP with Filezilla, so you can see exactly what files are, at a glance
  • Or if you want to edit and change a file type temporarily
  • We'll see some examples of that in further videos

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