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I've been working a lot on the video display page, because that's one of the primary areas where you will interact with SelfAssemblySites content. So I've added a light-box display to the video, it looks good, but more importantly it allows us to deliver video of a different size to the thumbnail on the page, without looking out of place from a design perspective.

One thing I want to be able to do is allowing you to set a preference for what size you'd like to view videos at. That means if you're on a slow internet connection (like mine!) or have a smaller display, say on a small laptop, you can customise your SelfAssemblySites viewing to suit. So what I've been doing is coding a new option for the user meta table, where each WordPress user has their settings like their name, password, etc stored. This new setting is called sas_video_size_pref and can have a number of different values for the different screen resolutions we'd like to make available:

This is now available when you're logged into your account and is accessible from your profile page (at the bottom) :)

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