Web News Round Up – 5th May

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In this weeks SelfAssemblySites Web News Round Up: Dilbert's app company, a top VC explains how to build a killer value proposition, things Pinterest aren't telling you, business intelligence comes to amateur sport, Facebook IPO share and an explanation of what an IPO actually is.

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Top VC Explains How to Build a Killer Value Proposition

Michael Skok recently lectured to a group of students and aspiring entrepreneurs as part of a series of talks at the Harvard Innovation Lab and here are some of the key ideas. He examines the DNA of a value proposition by stripping it down to its foundational elements and reassembling it. Essential reading for anyone wanting funding. Read the article 

4 Things Pinterest Isn't Telling You

Pinterest has quickly become a major player for social media referrals and business, especially if you're in the design, travel or retail sectors. The site refers more converted traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ combined and is the sweet spot of demographics for many companies. But there are some things that Pinterest seems to be less than forthcoming about. This you may want to know. Read the article.

Krossover Makes Coaches & Athletes Smarter with Business Intelligence for Sports

A startup called Krossover is making what used to be prohibitively expensive suddenly affordable. Amateur, high school and college sports teams can now get fully indexed game footage within 12-36 hours of uploading. This includes searchable film, box scores, shot charts and drive charts, and thorough analytical reports for every player on the team. The service also auto-generates a game recap story and a highlight reel, allowing the footage to be properly edited and syndicated to news sources. Read the article

Facebook Sets IPO at$28 to $35 a Share & IPO Explanation Video

Facebook announced the price for its initial public offering at $28 to $35 per share Thursday afternoon. The company will offer 337,415,352 shares of Class A common stock at a yet-unspecified date. Facebook is set to become the most valuable U.S. Internet company at the time of its IPO, which could take place within weeks. The record is currently held by Google, which was valued at $23 billion when it went public in 2004.

Read the article & watch the video below

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